Shirleen, Early Retiree. Marlborough, NZ.

A Revolting Peasant

First of all, I need to say that I am not vaccine-injured. That's not to say I am not injured. I am. And I believe all New Zealanders have been harmed in some way over this Colossal Covid Con whether we stood for our right to choose to wait until this injection was proven to be safe and effective, or if we were among those who trusted the words of a leader who, in her daily address, asked us to be kind while she smilingly split her country in two. The Good and The Bad – seeing to it that unless the Bad complied they must no longer be considered a part of our 5 million strong community.

Vermon: Victorious End-seers Read Most Orwell Novels ; )

Off ya go! No job for you regardless of how brilliant you were or how long you worked for that government, company, business or charity. Join the countless whose job applications will continue to be unsuccessful years after the mandates have been lifted due to the fact that there remain employers/institutions out there who still prefer vaccinated employees. Good grief! No wonder the government got their quota. Although these ignorant employers can't admit rejecting any applicant who has only Natural Immunity . . . that would be discrimination! But they have the right to choose (lucky them) who they want on their team. They've simply adopted one of the government's own Clean face, Dirty arse measures.

So, jobless I remain.

The regime was/is harmful beyond what many, even now, know, or are brave enough to allow themselves to believe. No one is bad or wrong for having doubts and asking questions; this is a basic survival skill. It means we are paying attention and need more accurate and balanced information in order to make decisions and come to sane and helpful conclusions. The minute one side of a debate, theory, or finding, is overridden or shut down, be very suspicious as to why. Any Thinking human knows that getting only the one side of anything cannot lead to a balanced viewpoint, a better understanding, or a conclusion, let alone an answer. It immediately indicates that one side wants to control the narrative and/or has an agenda.

Gone is any belief I had that this was a democratic Government that worked for its constituents. This just isn't so and isn't possible if there is no transparency and if we the people are not involved in decision-making processes that in recent times and some cases has taken place in the dead of night without a single vote or voice of opposition. We the people are being silenced while the government speaks loudly and in-repeat over us. We have no right of reply or freedom to speak our minds even after the fact. And when we do, the media are instructed to label the outspoken, fringe radicals or hate speakers, and to only focus on the props and cardboard cutouts that are not representative of the true, hardworking, every day, good family folk of New Zealand. WE the VOTERS!

Standing roadside for hours with a readable sign that made hundreds and hundreds of amazing Kiwis who had journeyed the length of the South Island to join in our cry and rejoice in our fight was confirmation enough for me that we will eventually turn this all around. That was a very empowering and magical event. Kia Kaha to all who participated.

Btw…I stated I was not vaccine injured, but I know of more and more folk who have been. Two have died. Of course, doctors haven't been marking many of these sudden onset health issues or deaths as vaccine injuries and it seems neither have coroners – if cases are even being investigated. Lots of long-word diseases and conditions popping up out of nowhere these days affecting folk who were relatively healthy before being injected with these serums that the government very kindly insisted we all take. . .or lose our livelihoods.

Come on Kiwis. Find your voice. United we stand, divided we fall. Wakey wakey.

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