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RCR Is Off AirWatch Full Story…

RCR Is Off AirWatch Full Story…

Help RCR Get Back On The Air

Help RCR Get Back On The Air

How does RCR continue to provide content for free in order to reach the widest audience while still covering the costs of running a radio station, in an era where the traditional legacy revenue model of selling ad space is dying?

The answer is by adopting a more sustainable model – the “Free+Paid” model.

This is where the live broadcast remains free (including most replays, etc.) for everyone, and a membership is offered for a more premium service.

We know this model works; we’ve been using it since July 2023. It's called the “RCR Foundation Membership Club,” and it has reliably produced a third of RCR’s revenue ever since.

The path forward is clear: Grow the paid Foundation Membership Club subscriber base while continuing to produce and offer great free-to-air shows that tackle the big issues.

The obvious question then is: How do we plan to grow the Foundation Membership Club, and what else can help improve the bottom line to keep RCR on the air?

On this page, you'll find a high-level overview of our multifaceted approach to achieving financial sustainability, built on the back of the Foundation Membership Club, while continuing to support and grow RCR's listener base.

A Solid Foundation To Build On

A Solid Foundation To Build On

Live Radio Broadcast (Complete)

Broadcasting nationally 7 days a week on current events and pertinent issues you won't hear anywhere else. RCR covers the issues the establishment won't and challenges the voices the mainstream media don't.

Foundation Membership Club (Complete)

The Foundation Members Club (FMC) is a less than a dollar a day premium access membership that’s home to the trusted RCR Bites curated news email digest. 3,500 Kiwis nationwide await their inbox delivery every weekday morning to stay up to speed on current events, breaking news, and what’s really going on in the world, in a few minutes a day.

Since its launch in July 2023, this offering has covered 35% of RCR’s operating costs. It has already proven its viability and scalability as a means to sustain the station while keeping RCR’s aired content free for everyone.

Help RCR Get Back On The Air

Help RCR Get Back On The Air

New Features To Boot

New Features To Boot

When enough funding has been secured, the following enhancements could begin to be introduced.


The most requested feature, bar none. This would be the first enhancement added to RCR’s offerings, allowing listeners the ability to call in and talk to the hosts live on air.

Video Content

Elevate the production of aired shows with added video to supercharge the share-ability of content for Partner Program members.

New Shows

By catering to new demographics and covering topics of importance, new shows will enable RCR to reach and connect with a wider audience.

Exposé Documentaries (In/Focus)

Confronting taboos, challenging the status quo, and exposing inconvenient truths, documentaries like Alistair Harding’s ‘Fluoride on the Brain’ could become a staple of RCR’s media offerings.

Press Gallery Presence

Be there in Wellington to ask politicians the hard questions when it counts. For the first time in years you could start to hear your voice being heard in the corridors of power.

Roving Reporting

Get the scoop by talking to real New Zealanders on the streets uncovering what Kiwis really think about the changes going on around them. Regional reporting connects you to the heartbeat of local communities and the stories that matter to them, and you.

Help RCR Get Back On The Air