It’s time for the narratives, agendas, and conflicts of interest to be challenged!

It’s time for the bullies, cowards, and name-callers to be exposed.

It’s time for accountability.

It’s time to hear the other side of the story..

It’s time for sound minds, rational thought, and reasonable debate.

It’s time for a REALITY CHECK.

And so we’re super excited to welcome you to Reality Check Radio.

Reality Check Radio is your brand new online radio station where we WILL cover the issues the establishment won't, and we WILL challenge the voices the mainstream media don't.

And we believe you’ll be able to discern fact from fiction for yourself when given the full story.

RCR is the antidote to the last two years of craziness.

Who’s involved?

I’m glad you asked..

We have an all-star lineup of hosts unafraid to tackle the curly issues.

RCR broadcasts nationally 7 days a week on current events and pertinent issues you won't hear anywhere else.

Plus we slide in some smooth sounds to balance out the heavy stuff..

RCR has launched 100% funded by Kiwis who want the facts, not the narrative. (No special interests and no secret string-pullers in WEF or Government bunkers).

Well, that’s enough talking from us for now. Why don’t you just have a listen and see for yourself if the voice of reason isn’t music to your ears?