The Inquiry Sessions

Want to keep a close eye on New Zealand's Covid-19 Inquiry developments? Do you have an opinion on what should be included in the investigation?

RCR wants to see an independent, full-scale, wide-ranging and public inquiry into NZ's Covid response.

Check out The Inquiry Sessions, RCR's special coverage of inquiry-related topics.

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New Zealand's ‘Zero Covid' policy isolated Kiwis. Many died alone.

Delayed medical care led to poor health outcomes and a waiting list crisis.

Children's education, social development, and mental well-being were disrupted, while citizens stranded abroad faced uncertainty with a random ballot system.

Widespread financial hardship resulted from border closures, subsequent business failure, mandates, & reckless government spending, leaving lasting societal impacts.

Join tens of thousands of Kiwis demanding an independent, full-scale, wide-ranging, public inquiry into NZ's Covid response.

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