Exciting news! The much anticipated RCR app is here and available for download from the app stores.

 Thank you all for being so patient while we've been working hard behind the scenes.

We can't wait for you to enjoy the RCR app experience.

One Minute “How To” Videos

Get the most out of your app

How to listen via the RCR App


How to share RCR replays



  • Check you are using a supported version of Android or iOS currently

    • Android 11,12,13
    • iOS 15,16
  • Refresh the app

    • Go to settings cog in top right hand corner
    • Tap on the version number, wait a few seconds
    • Make sure you are on the latest version by comparing the version number with the current version here:
  • Close the app and restart your phone then reopen the app

  • Clear the cache and make sure settings are enabled on Android

    • On android tap and hold the app icon>>site settings
    • Make sure all settings are enabled including sound, images, javascript and cookies
    • Tap clear & reset (note this will delete your downloaded replays)
    • Close and reopen app
  • If none of the above work then you may need to uninstall and reinstall the app (note this will delete your downloaded replays)