Cian (35), Unemployed, And Unable To Transition Over Into A New Occupation Due To Lack Of Employment Opportunities.. Waikato, NZ.

The year I started studying (2020) is the year New Zealand's most incompetent and dictatorial government of all time got their grubby little hands all over COVID-19 and destroyed any chance I had of building a successful life for myself.

I had entered my first year of training (level 3) in Hairdressing in 2020, and in 2021 had decided to get my level 4 certificate in Commercial Barbering (level 3 in Barbering had been removed from the NZQA framework that year). My plan was to then go off into a full-time apprenticeship in hairdressing and complete another 2-3 years in training (level 4 and onwards in Hairdressing) while getting paid, however towards the end of 2021 I was mandated out of my full-time job, and I had to quickly finish up my barbering course that week too because the government couldn't be bothered giving a clear idea how long the mandates would be in place – meaning I wouldn't know when I could return to study! So I finished my final exam (and effectively course) 2-3 months before my end date – which is actually quite the accomplishment in itself.

From this point on the government decided to leave the mandates in place for employers to use on their staff if they so desired to (great for control freaks and those scared that a virus was going to kill them – not so great for those of us who just wanted to get on with life and make some money). The government DID NOT get rid of the mandates LIKE THEY SHOULD HAVE, employers have now added it as a requirement to employment contracts to undergo mandatory ‘vaccines' (it doesn't matter if it's a clinical trial or not), the Human Rights Commission has sat in the background doing NOTHING at all – which is pathetic. Apparently Hipkins once and for all removed the remaining COVID-19 measures (1 and 1/2 years after I had been mandated out of work) despite there not being any legislation put forward to prohibit employers from requiring staff to take it – so sorry, but nope the mandates are still there – if you want proof of this go and look at M.O.H. requirements if you want to sign up for voluntary work with the elderly or kids with Autism.

Despite this, I wanted to transition over to an office/desk job (where I will hopefully have the option of working from home if I have to):

I attempted to find work long before Work & Income opened their doors back up after the government closed them down during COVID-19. I don't own a computer – I didn't quite get that far before being mandated out of work. All of the internet cafés in Hamilton had shut down due to government policies throughout COVID – as in they didn't survive, the only public computers available were the Hamilton City Public Library computers, which are incredibly restrictive.

I haven't had any luck finding work in an office because all the office roles being advertised are administrative (so how exactly do people get into office/desk jobs if there are no entry level jobs available!?). No help from employment agencies either, they were only interested in me using a computer if I enrolled in a part-time employment preparation course. I explained to one of them that I've already done their course in the past and just needed a computer to edit my CV and Cover Letter when sending them out for work, but no, apparently the previous government required as many people enrol in their socialist programmes as possible, no exceptions, it's pathetic (this is what the tax payers are having their money wasted on).

So I've now had to branch over into Gardening (nothing so far) and Commercial Cleaning jobs – which might as well be a job at a supermarket or McDonald's… This is very insulting after having completed two years of study in Hairdressing and Barbering, but this is the state of NZ in 2024, and neither W&I, or the new government, give a damn what kind of employment I can get into, as long as it's full-time work which they can tax me for stupid things like a film on Jacinda Ardern (the ‘not-so honourable' #%@!! who put me in this position to begin with). Regardless, every month I have to go into W&I and repeat myself over and over again.

Now despite the fact that my boy (A DOG and the BEST FRIEND I've ever had for 16-17 years) has been diagnosed with cancer, I've been told by my case manager that I need to go into full-time work, never mind the fact that I'm also helping out my grandparents who are in and out of a failing healthcare system/hospital by looking after my boy for two days of the week (ideally it would be 5 days of the week, but I am being pressured/forced/coerced into full-time employment).

The least the current government (INCLUDING ITS AGENCIES) and the majority of taxpayers (who voted Labour and their Socialist policies back in in 2020) could do for me (and many others) is work with me, and get me into a good part-time job, after forcing me out of work, wasting 3 & 1/2 years of my life (2 years study + 1 & 1/2 years of mandates and measures left in place for employers, while government agencies like the Human Rights Commission did nothing – all on record), and leaving me with a $17,000.00 + student debt – which now amounts to nothing, as I was still in the fundamental stages of learning for what should have been at least another 3 years at the time. I would like to spend what little time he has left with him before he passes over – It's actually ridiculous that I'm having to add this.

I still can't believe that I was mandated out of work because I refused to take multiple clinically trialed shots using brand new mRNA gene therapy technology (now admitted by the ‘pulprits of truth' NOT to be a conspiracy theory), leaving us with years of clinical, medical and scientific understanding down the drain – all because people were scared of a virus and entrusted all their faith into the government (because the government never lies or gets anything wrong, right? never mind the fact that they can be bought or coerced themselves), UN/WHO, and big pharma ($$$ in lawsuits: – which is actually PATHETIC.. and the worst part is that the shots have NOW been proven NOT to be SAFE and EFFECTIVE – anyone with a brain should have known this from very early on anyway based off of another two facts: 1. that it's a clinical trial (which has been extended God knows how many times), and 2. that it requires a new booster every time the virus mutates (hello, that's what viruses do – are you going inject us for the rest of our lives!?)

You've got to understand that for over 4 years now everything myself and many others have said in regards to COVID-19, government policies, and the economy etc. has fallen onto deaf ears, and we've been ignored and treated like shit. There has been NO apology, NO compensation, and close to NO basic human level empathy and understanding, and frankly I'm sick to death of it – I say enough is enough!

I am exhausted.

1. With the traumatising experience of being mandated out of work – after I worked my ass off (6 day weeks with work and course + after hour cuts and theory), passing my final exam with 2-3 months to spare (literally unheard of) due to the mandates! Tell me, why would I want to go into employment again and look at starting a business, just to have more illogical, unrealistic and unreasonable mandates, lock downs and measures forced onto me down the track (yes, I know they're coming), and lose everything I've worked so hard for?

2. I'm looking at legal action just to have my Student Loan repaid, as I was not given a fair chance, and the qualifications now amount to nothing.

3. Family and friends having health issues after the ‘vaccine'; in and out of hospital etc. – which is emotionally draining! and ambulance sirens that never end!

4. I suspect that one or two nurses at the last medical centre I was registered with may have injected me with the mRNA shot without my consent knowing damn well that I didn't want it, and since then I've been suffering arthritis in my arms and legs (I am now in physical pain if I don't take daily supplements and keep my Vitamin B, C and Zinc levels high). I have had to acquire legal advice, and am going to launch an investigation with the Medical Council, and the Health and Disability Commissioner, this after having to fight just to have my medical records sent from my old medical centre to my new one so that they could look at my records and find anything suspicious and out-of-the-ordinary. There is likely legal action ahead.

5. I've had Harcourts Rental ‘not able to'/refuse to do anything about other tenants not following the City Council/governments Waste Management programme and been threatened to pay a collective fine. I've had to get legal advice on that, get in touch with the Tenancy Tribunal, and the City Council and then put Harcourts in their place. The Waste Management programme is a bloody mess, which needs to be scraped.

6. I am having to live in a poor area (Melville, Hamilton; which has the highest crime rate of any area in Hamilton), and the street I live on (Mahoe Street) has been closed down 3x by the police (to the best of my knowledge – it could be more!) in the last 1 1/2 years due to crime activity. This has stopped me from accessing my home.

7. I've had to spend $500 + in total (thanks again Labour for contributing to the global economic collapse and ‘technical' recession) to buy a decent second-hand/refurbished smartphone so that I can look and apply for work from home (a good screen size, high in RAM, able to edit .pdf and .doc files etc.)

8. I had to sit my learners drivers license with an unbelievable lack of communication from the Blue Light Driving programme, and then found out a month later after I called the NZ Transport Agency that my license had been put on hold, as my photo that was taken never turned up with the rest of my information, and NO ONE bothered to inform me about this. This is pathetic, and out of principle I will NOT be going out of my way to get a second photo.

Therefore this has been an absolute waste of my time, tax payer money, and leaves me WITHOUT any form of photo I.D. My case manager will not be happy about this either.

9. I'm constantly having to chase after people to get things done because the places they work for are all understaffed and overworked.

10. I'm struggling to survive on a reasonably healthy diet and public transport on a weekly basis with a recession.

11. There are road cones everywhere and no end in sight! Roads closed off, having to walk distances I shouldn't have to and missing buses, with no clear communication from the City Council, BUSIT or the government.

12. I've recently found out that in roughly 5 weeks I will have jury service which could last up to 2 weeks.

13. Generally I'm finding that people are amongst some of the most psychopathic, narcissistic, arrogant and unpleasant people to deal with on a daily basis, example: one of the bus drivers took issue with me standing next to my food on a packed bus a few weeks ago to the point that he called me a “STUPID C**T” multiple times, swerved the bus to try and get me to lose my balance and sit down (and in the process put every passengers safety on the line), and threatened to kick me off. Then afterwards once I had called BUSIT and complained, I was told I'd get follow up, but never did. This is not good enough.

It's not as though I asked for this; I've said right from the moment I applied for the benefit that I didn't want to do it, and that it killed me to do so (I vowed to myself once I started studying that I would never apply for social welfare again, and that I'd become successful and work towards financial security so that I could not only look after myself, but my family too), but it was either that, or I sold all of my belongings and lived under a bridge or in a homeless shelter. The reality is that we've just come out from the most dictatorial and incompetent government in New Zealand history, who pulled the rug from under all of us, and in the process completely turned my life upside down.

Frankly, most of the above had not taken place when I signed up for the unemployment benefit – it's called life – nothing stays the same forever, and priorities and commitments change – for instance; I don't proclaim to play God and decide whether my boy develops cancer or not, nor do I proclaim to control whether or not my government believes that it can control a virus through lockdowns and clinically trialed mRNA gene therapy ‘vaccine' mandates…

Frankly, I deserve some bloody credit for not booking myself in with a therapist after these last few years!

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