Andrew (58), Data Engineer. Taranaki, NZ.

I have suffered 4 years of insults from strangers, friends, family, colleagues, employers, local government, central government, and most of all from the media. The media continues with the insults, but thankfully most others have stopped. This has left me a different person from what I was 4 years ago.

The insults had and have various forms:

bad person

uncaring person.

stupid person.

unintelligent person ( I have a BSc). conspiracy theorist.



white supremacist.


I don't believe any of these are attributes of me.

I hope this had made it easier for you to put your self in my position and imagine for a short while what my world must seem like when I look out at it now. What do I think and feel about those individuals and institutions that created the atmosphere of insults and verbal degradation that I found myself in? Imagine it.

Tell people the truth. They will find out anyway, and you don't want to be the one found lying.

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