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Simon O'Connor

Simon O’Connor describes himself as a husband, stepfather, foster carer, student of philosophy, and lover of life.

He is married to Rachel and has five step-children.  The family live in Auckland alongside the chickens and bees they keep.

Simon was an electorate Member of Parliament for twelve years (2011-2023).  He initially chaired the Health Committee and then was the Chair of the Foreign Affairs, Defence, and Trade Committee.

He keeps a particular interest in foreign affairs and defence matters.  Recently, it was made public that he was the target of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) hacking attempts and also named in a Hong Kong court case for being someone supporting human rights and democracy activists.

Simon has a number of degrees from the University of Auckland, including a Master's in Political Philosophy and a bachelor's Degree in Theology.  He has also studied a number of languages from Latin to Greek, Maori and Fijian, as well as French.  He admits they are all now a bit rusty!

When not on radio or providing commentary, he can be found in the garden or renovating his family’s home.

Alongside his show on Reality Check Radio, he keeps busy on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn and writes a regular column on Substack called On Point.


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