As soon as the images and news reports of the October 7th savage Hamas terrorist attacks on Israelis started appearing across our various media platforms, I knew the world might not ever be the same again. 

We have seen many firsts over the last three years regarding the Western way of life, we went from liberty to lockdowns and coerced vaccinations in the space of just one year which made our heads spin. Many of us also knew then that the world would never be the same again, and we were right. 

Benjamin Netanyahu, prime minister of Israel, sold his country out to Pfizer and turned Israel into a mass Covid-19 vaccination laboratory with mandates that were nothing short of heinously wrong. This act was unforgivable in my mind and I was left with such diminished respect for a man who has been such a staunch protector of the state of Israel over many years. But that’s another issue.

Because I’ve written before about the deadly foe that Islamic terrorism is during our time, and many other epochs besides, I understand the issue of tiny Israel (only 8000 square miles of land), alone and surrounded by over 50 Muslim majority nations of the Ummah — Pakistan being one with nuclear arms — their existence has always been tenuous in the extreme. But it is tenuous for only one reason: Muslims en masse hate Jews with an undying enthusiasm akin to a religious sacrament. 

After the holocaust of Europe ended in 1945, the whole world and Jews themselves clearly understood that Muslims were not the only people who hated Jews.

When the death camps were liberated the world saw the full horror of how deep that psychopathic vein of hate ran. Jews from the diaspora poured into Israel again to create a homeland that had been mandated by the British in 1917’s Balfour Declaration and thank God they did. The Ottoman Empire fell, its caliphate conquered in World War I, and Israel created itself anew in the image of a Judaeo-Christian democratic nation with decidedly Judaeo characteristics. 

Today, 21% of its population are Arabs and many ethnic minorities of Christians, Druze and Circassians call themselves Israelis.  There are representatives of every religion and race that exists within its 120 member seats of the Knesset and any Israeli citizen can run for office if they feel so inclined. “Apartheid state” it is not. Its Jewish heritage is strongly guarded and who the hell could blame them for that? A good chunk of the powerful Ashkenazi Israelis are liberal atheists but civilisationally Jewish.

You do not have to be perfect to be considered good, you just have to be sincere. 

Jewish blood is no longer cheap. If you want to make these people bleed and weep you better be up for the long fight, because you’ll get it on the principle of what has passed before. That’s what a real genocide does to people when it's still in living memory; the price is sincere hyper vigilance.

Tragically, there was a breach in Israel's vigilance on October 7th and spilled blood and the weeping of Jews resounded once more. Hostages were taken, not only Israelis, but people from all over the world. Gaza and Muslims around the globe took that moment to openly celebrate the psychopathic savagery of Hamas and Islamic Jihad with atavistic glee reminiscent of medieval times, only now in Sydney, in London, in DC, LA and New York: “Gas the Jews, gas the Jews, f*** the Jews!” “Down with Nazi Israel!” “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.” Not Palestinians will be free, but Palestine, which is the land of Israel. 

Israel had not yet even lifted a finger in retaliation.

That was the shocking snapshot into rabid antisemitic hate right there — and it was horrifyingly global. 

Israel mobilised for war, again, vowing to decimate Hamas as a political-terrorist entity and knowing that 44% of Palestinians had voted for them when they came to power in 2006 and subsequently murdered their Fatah political opponents in 2007 in a brutal sectarian conflict for control. 

Whatever the intelligence breach proves to be from within the internal fights and factions of the Israeli state guardians, Shin Bet, Mossad, Netanyahu’s administration, his political opponents who have been openly protesting for a year about his fight over the reach of the Supreme Court, the intelligence agencies clearly missed something very important in the noise. How does one always know the difference between constant noise from permanent enemies seeking to distract guardians and what is real actionable intelligence that prevents a terrible event about to occur? 

When the October 1973 Yom Kippur war broke out with Syria and Egypt under Golda Meir’s prime ministerial leadership, there was a significant intelligence failure for which she was hauled before an inquiry to give answer, ultimately leading to her resignation from politics. 

Meir's Chief of Military Intelligence Eli Zeira and Defense Minister Moshe Dayan had failed to communicate alarming warnings accompanying the significant troop build up over the borders as they had previously reported the risk of war to be “lower than low” because they believed that Egyptian president, Sadat, would never start a war with Israel that he could not possibly win. 

Edward N. Luttwak wrote an article in 2020 titled “A Catastrophic Intelligence Failure in the Yom Kippur War” in Tablet magazine after intelligence documents were declassified from the Agranat Commission, responsible for investigating the IDF’s unpreparedness for the 1973 Yom Kippur War:

Their conclusions differed only in detail: It was the charismatic head of Israeli military intelligence, Major-General Eli Zeira, who had dismissed all the warning signals because he was (rightly) convinced that Egypt could not win a war without air superiority, and therefore (wrongly) concluded that Egypt would not start a war, without considering the possibility that Egypt’s President Sadat might choose to attack the Suez Canal anyway, in order to start a diplomatic process that might regain the lost Sinai Peninsula for Egypt. His explanation for the vast gathering of troops on both the Egyptian and Syrian fronts was exactly in line with Sadat’s intent, minus the fighting: The buildup was meant to frighten the Israelis into opening talks…. Zeira simply kept the news to himself.

Hamas’ October 7th attack was a brutal act of war, not war on the IDF, but war on helpless civilians including Arab Bedouins who are also Israelis. Israel now has its own refugee population as so many families have been displaced — about quarter of a million people. One of the great ironies in play is that along that border with Gaza, the kibbutz settlements are full of Israelis and travellers who are enormously sympathetic to Palestinians and tend to be peaceniks, hence the Supernova Music Festival of Peace and Love, held in a dry open field near Kibbutz Re’im, now marked forever as the site of a bloody massacre. 

For those crying out for Netanyahu to agree to a ceasefire when bloodthirsty terrorists in tunnel networks, built by the billions of dollars of aid which flows in from around the world, continue to fire rockets into traumatised Israel and refuse to release the hostages, this lack of moral thinking is simply astonishing to me.

There ought to be only one unified cry and that should be for Hamas to surrender and face justice for war crimes, torture, rape, terrorism and murder. It is Hamas who keep the Palestinian people in an open air prison while denying them proper infrastructure and conditions in which to flourish. It is Hamas who do not care if their own civilians die. It is Hamas who brought this war down upon the heads of their own children in the name of perpetual, malignant Jew hate.

Nobody should be taken seriously when discussing these issues unless they first start with these facts about Hamas. Blaming Israel for all Palestinian woes has created a toxic grievance industry around the Palestinian people from which they themselves suffer the most. Savagery instead of civilisation exists here and their leaders are 100 percent to blame, not Israel.

The significant intelligence breach for this attack to have been successful will have to be litigated later when Hamas have been defeated.  Netanyahu’s appalling sell-out to Pfizer and his ghastly, globalist hoop-jumping throughout the Covid pantomime is a completely separate issue, so let’s not pretend for a second that Israel does not have, and always has had, this lethal threat from Islamic bloodlust surrounding it. That would be nothing short of careless.

Lest we forget. 

This article was originally published on Olivia's blog, – Free Thought Advocate, on 16 November, 2023.

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Olivia Pierson
Olivia is a NZ blogger, author and essayist who likes to write about history and its wide influence on our present time. One of her favourite sayings is, “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Olivia contributes to the Breakfast programme's political panel, A Political Agenda and is a regular guest on The Crunch with Cam Slater.

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  1. Avatar
    Carmel Jennings May 27, 2024 at 11:25 pm - Reply

    Cant be bothered reading or listening to your pro- Israeli rants without any sense of understanding for the driving desire Israel has to wipe out the Palestinian race- who, studies have shown, have more DNA from the original 12 tribes of Israel, than those Kazarians who desperately try to rule Israel.
    Nothing, but nothing, not ethnicity, religion, skin colour, lipstick nor hair colour, will ever forgive the mass killing of innocent children, mothers, parents, grandparents, volunteers, medics and more by the thugs of Israel. Hang your head in shame for your support of Israel and its heinous behaviour Olivia Pearson.

    • Avatar
      Olivia Pierson May 28, 2024 at 10:47 am - Reply

      Two million Arabs (Palestinians) live inside Israel and many also serve in the Knesset. That’s a very odd way to be “wiping them out” – as you erroneously claim. Israel is wiping out Hamas, a military & political terrorist entity which just made brutal war (again) on Israel's innocent citizens. Wars are ugly and tragic, that’s why Hamas’s actions were unforgivable, in fact their fighters are still intentionally embedded in the civilian refugee population while firing rockets at Tel Aviv and still holding Israeli hostages, including little ones. *That* is shameful. Should Israel do nothing?

      The Khazarian/Jewish myth has been consistently debunked as the revisionist, junk history that it is. No such genetic studies have ever proven what you claim about DNA (of the Ashkenazis), it is just assertion without evidence that appeals to antisemites.

      I assure you that the Ashkenazi Jews of Europe were Semitic enough to be rounded up and fed into the gas chambers of Auschwitz by the Nazi war machine (which also had an obsession with the DNA of their victims).

    • Avatar
      Allan June 1, 2024 at 10:19 pm - Reply

      There is no such thing as ‘the Palestinian race'. Calling Israel ‘thugs' suggests you condone the actions of Hamas, who started the brutality with a will to erase Israel. These terrorists frequently use their own people as shields & see them as dispensable. And remember, the statisitics of casualties we are getting are all supplied by Hamas & published uncritically by our biased media.

  2. Avatar
    Linda Clement June 2, 2024 at 8:15 am - Reply

    Olivia, it must be very difficult to write an insightful piece based on research and prior knowledge, only to have someone who ‘’Can’t be bothered reading or listening to your “pro-Israeli” rants…’ comment. If this person ever decides to read or listen to you or anyone else who is able to separate the Hamas from the Palestinians then they might gain a better understanding of the situation.
    I met a Palestinian woman at a sociology conference a few years ago and she told me most Palestinians, particularly females, are terrified of Hamas.
    I am mystified by the border breach that enabled Hamas to attack Israel in such a violent, horrific way (your above non-reader is obviously comfortable with that attack) and like you, it is beyond me that Israel of all countries was one of the first to force Covid injections on their population.
    Don’t be disheartened by the ignorance of those who attack you. The majority of people I know admire your bravery in the face of todays renewed anti-semitism.
    Kia kaha Olivia

  3. Avatar
    Olivia Pierson June 4, 2024 at 8:42 am - Reply

    Linda, thank you.

  4. Avatar
    Chuck June 9, 2024 at 7:50 am - Reply

    Great news this morning. Four hostages were rescued.

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