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I begin today with a disgusting announcement. It's by Winston Peters, and was called disgusting by Cam Slater, ordinarily a fan of Winston Peters. Here's the announcement:

New Zealand will be making its annual payment of $1 million to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) on schedule and in coming days. This follows careful consideration of the UN’s response – including th[o]rough external & internal investigations – to serious allegations against certain UNRWA staff being involved in the 7 October terrorist attacks on Israel. It also reflects assurances received from the UN Secretary-General about remedial work underway to enhance UNRWA’s neutrality.

The announcement set off a maelstrom on Winston's X page. A handful of people whose first names were Mohammed said things like “Thank you & well done New Zealand.” They would say that, wouldn't they? UNRWA is a Ham Ass proxy. Most comments ripped into Winston:

Or we could spend that money on cancer drugs for our own citizens. 

Why did you accept the assurances of the UN secretary general?

UNRWA is a proven terrorist wallet by proxy. I can't believe that my tax is paying for this. What a scam.

What an absolute shocker…how embarrassing…the UN is openly corrupt and WE can’t,or don’t want to,see it…

The problem with this statement is “assurances from the UN Secretary General”. The UN is not our friend, and Guterres even less so.

Hamas thanks you for your kind donation.

They live in luxury in Qatar. Guarantee they'll be skimming the cream of this. Might ‘only' be a million. But they'll take every penny they can. Their top 3 leaders have an accumulated fortune of $12b USD. Donations like this are exactly why.

I agree with Cameron Slater that this announcement was disgusting. The bit about “thorough internal and external investigations by the UN” is of course, bullshit, and Winston knows it, about as credible as an investigation by al-Qaeda into 9/11. This  has inspired me to create a new award. We have our Freedom Award and our Laughing Policeman Award — today I bring you… the Bullshit Award. 

Let me explain its origin. Just the other day Orange Man Bad, Orange the Magnificent, President Convicted Felon, delivered a speech at Turning Point USA in Arizona, the first since that bullshit felony conviction in the bullshit Stalinist show trial. He got onto Beijing Biden's open border, via which more than 10 million illegals have invaded in the last four years, and Biden's pretend effort to close it.

I heard that and thought, “Can't let that go to waste. There's an award in there for the ages.”

So, upon Winston Peters and his “thorough internal and external” UN inquiries, I bestow the Perigo Perspective's first Bullshit Award.

Meanwhile, we await Mr Peters' congratulations to the Israeli Defence Force on its heroic rescuing of four hostages held by Ham Ass. And we wait… and wait….

One comment on Winston's disgusting announcement caught my eye in particular. It was from anti-jab hero Matt Shelton:

Calm down all, it's only a small fraction of the money already wasted on the whitewashing c19 inquiry, designed to hide the mayhem done to the nation.

And I realised with a sinking heart that Winston's capitulation to the UN probably portends a reiteration of the Coalition's globalist credentials generally… beholden to the UN, the WHO, the World Economic Forum and the Davos Diabolists. We probably won't be ripping up the Pandemic Treaty, closing our borders to Jihadis, calling bullshit on Zero Emissions, and we probably won't see a bringing to justice of the Mengelian Marxists who brought us the Wuhan genocide. People who wanted these things got Winston over the line. Has he betrayed them already? It would be par for the course.

If only we had one MP like Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene. Just listen to her going after Filthy Fauci.

Please, President Orange, Convicted Felon, pick Marjorie Taylor Greene as your running mate! MTG for VP!

Let us take take heart also from Nigel Farage, seeking to retrieve Britain from Britonistan, creaming all comers in televised debates.

Nigel Farage, who has kissed and made up with Tommy Robinson, who organised this YOOOOOOGE rally to rescue London from Ham Ass. The jeering you will hear is for Nancy Pelosi, Beijing Biden the Bribed Bastard, father of a deservedly convicted felon, Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama; the cheers are for… the convicted felon!

Then there's Geert Wilders' Freedom Party, dominant in the new Coalition Government in the Netherlands, committed to closing borders and building nuclear power plants! The Shoplifters Party here should like that! That's the way to go if you're a brainwashed zombie-moron who thinks CO2 is bad. Go nuclear!

While in France, Greece, Italy and Germany, humanity is re-asserting itself over savagery in the nick of time. Just look at those European Parliament election results!

But here, we have this.

Speaker Brownlee, show balls, not blubber! Take Te Paaaaaati Apaaaaaatheid at its word. With that excrement they have violated the oath they took when being sworn in. Suspend them immediately without pay! Coalition, if you want to prove you're not just the Uniparty all over again, expel Te Paaaaaaati Apaaaaaaaaatheid… and abolish the Maori seats forthwith!

Call bullshit on them, as Paul Henry did so splendidly at the ACT conference.

ACT, if you want to crush National and New Zealand First, let alone Hard Labour, the Shoplifters' Party and Te Paaaaati Apaaaaatheid, we need to hear speeches like that INSIDE Parliament. Paul Henry for Prime Minister!

As you know, I like to conclude every Perspective with a suitable piece of music from the great classics of the greatest civilisation ever. We've had plenty of the likes of Puccini and Beethoven and Tchaik and Rach and Gershwin; today I think it just has to be someone unassailably and unapologetically… English: Edward Elgar – Nimrod

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