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I am so old I can remember the televised Kennedy/Nixon presidential debates. I didn't actually see them at the time, but I remember reading about them and being a sufficiently nerdy child to be fascinated. To look at them now is to be amazed at how sober and substantive they were. Debates of more recent memory are often decided by throwaway moments, even if there is substance present.

It's a safe bet, here in New Zealand, that the only thing anyone remembers about the Lange/Muldoon debate in 1984 is Muldoon's inexplicable “I love you Mr Lange” at the end. That contributed mightily to the view that Muldoon had lost the plot; he went on to lose the election.

In 1980, Ronald Reagan won in a landslide against incumbent Jimmy Carter. It didn't hurt The Great Communicator that Carter was almost as abysmal as Joe Biden, but it was a deft, nonchalant response to Carter's parries that was hailed as sealing it for the Gipper: “There you go again.”

“There you go again” ranked alongside “Are you better off than you were four years ago” as defining that debate. Donald Trump had a similar moment against abysmal Beijing Biden last week.

That, I suspect, will turn out to be Donald Trump's “There you go again” moment of the 2024 campaign. Deft, nonchalant — and devastating. Beijing Biden the Bribed Bastard has not only been abysmal; he has been and is evil. He has intentionally allowed over 10 million illegals to flood the Southern border from all over the world.

It is no defence that after three and a half years he has made a token gesture to stem the tide — which has had no effect whatsoever in any event. Terrorists, rapists, murderers and other Woke heroes are pouring in from all over. Three new murders in the week before the debate. And yes, in addition to being evil, for what it's worth, Beijing is senile. No need for Trump to lay that on with a trowel. It was obvious. 

Fake Jake Tapper to the rescue!

How edifying and gratifying that the rules cooked up by CNN, a propaganda wing of the Democrat Party, and Beijing Biden to give Crooked Joe the advantage — no audience, no interjections, no direct back-and-forth — worked against Crooked. Whereas rough-and-tumble might have camouflaged it, the absence thereof only highlighted Beijing's incoherence. And the fact that he was being prompted via an earpiece in his right ear, in obvious collusion with CNN. 

Reagan was hated almost as much by the Swamp as Trump. For the first term of his presidency the Swamp — media maggotry and Democrats — put it about that HE was senile, or, if not senile, at least too old for the job. A halting performance — though nothing as bad as Biden's the other night — in his first debate with Walter Mondale in 1984, reinforced such suspicions and had the Left creaming their panties. Confronted directly with the issue in the second debate, Reagan buried it.

You need to see the visuals of that. No one is laughing more heartily than Walter Mondale, who wrote later that he realised then that in that moment he had lost the debate and the election. Reagan went on to win a second term in a second landslide.

That didn't stop the media maggotry and the rest of the swamp questioning his mental fitness — a thing they have pointedly not done with Biden even when the evidence of infirmity has been inescapable.

Here, while in nostalgia mode, I want to introduce a short back-story. In the 1988 election, at the end of Reagan's second term, his Vice-President, Bush Senior, assumed the mantle and ran for President. Bush's running mate was then-Senator Dan Quayle. Michael Dukakis was Bush's opponent, and Lloyd Bentsen HIS running mate. Bentsen nearly won the election for the Democrats in the VP debate in this exchange with Dan Quayle.

That moment went viral, as we would now say, but Bush and Quayle still won the election in the afterglow of the Reagan years. 

Four years later, Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton was the Democrat nominee for President. Ronald Reagan, four years out of office, delivered the keynote address at the Republican convention to renominate Bush. Now, had he been senile while in office, surely after four more years of dementia he'd be a basket case?!  Well, here he is.

As it happens, two years later, Ronnie was diagnosed with Alzheimers. Media maggotry of course crowed they'd been right all along. They had not been. Ronnie announced the diagnosis himself, six years after leaving office, in a handwritten note with a couple of words crossed out. The letter said the diagnosis was recent, and at the moment he felt just fine. 

Currently the media maggotry who have hitherto covered for Beijing Biden are now, in panic mode, clamouring for him to drop out. One of the worst is the repulsive Joe Scarborough, Woke-Fascist par excellence, who just weeks ago was insisting Beijing was sharper than a tack… and eff you if you doubted it.

Now here is that self-same douchebag the morning after the debate.

But Joe Scarborough, you have been saying for months this is the best version of Joe Biden ever!

Moderator Fake Jake Tapper has now felt constrained to admit that the cover-up has been Orwellian. 


“Democratic officials have tried to spin this in many ways, But behind the scenes, make no mistake. Most Democratic officials witnessed the same shocking spectacle that you did: the difficulty that the presumptive Democratic nominee, the current president of the United States, had just articulating his basic thoughts during the 90 minutes of the debate.The spinning is all very reminiscent of the George Orwell quote from the book ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four, The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.” 


Ladies and gentlemen, the swamp scum and its media maggotry haven't changed. If they hate you they'll say you have dementia when you don't; if they like you they'll say you don't have dementia when you do.

They'll hate you if you're a patriot and a success; they'll worship you if you're a traitor and successful in your treason to the inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that we glorify on this day. Until the debate, the maggots were claiming all the videos of Biden losing the plot — mumbling, bumbling, freezing, falling, meandering, wandering — were “cheap fakes,” edited and manipulated by the… “Far Right.” 


Now that that Big Lie cannot remotely be sustained, they're panicking. How delicious! How edifying and gratifying. But realise, in their panic they will become more vicious and mendacious and murderous. We've seen the dirty tricks they'll resort to against Nigel Farage, who, in spite of the British Swamp, is poised for an historic triumph in a few hours, just as the “Far Right” has triumphed also in France and the Netherlands.  

The Swamp — all of it, not just the media maggots, but the entire Deep State, especially the CIA and the FBI — will stop at nothing to stop Trump. They are beyond dirty and beyond evil. They were about to jail him a week from now, and, I suspect, engineer a Jeffrey Epstein “suicide.”. They've been stymied by the Supreme Court, which has set off a new wave of Woke-Fascist hysteria. They will now, I suspect, if all else fails, JFK Trump outright. 

This cannot stand. America, on this the eve of your Independence Day, please let this be your resolve: to Make America America again. Deafeningly to reassert those inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 

In that spirit, last word to President Reagan, and black contralto Marian Anderson at the Easter Sunday Lincoln Memorial Concert, April 9, 1939.

Lincoln Memorial Concert | Voice of Freedom | American Experience 

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