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I noted last week that we haven't yet won by a long shot, but we're starting to win.

“We” being liberty-lovers in the battle against Woke-Fascism. Loyal listener Mike of Foxton took great heart from that. Paul suspects the return of Reality Check Radio signals more than just the return of a “radio station”;  it is part of a cultural reversal of historic enormity. I like the term I used last week: Cultural Counter-Revolution, as distinct from and opposed to the ghastly cultural revolutions of Mao, Marcuse and the Woke-Fascists. Brian Kilmeade, host of the weekend show One Nation on Fox News, thinks the tide has turned as well.

At the weekend, the Woke-Fascists' worst nightmare, Donald Trump, briefly let out of the Kangaroo Court and Stalinist show trial going on in New York, held the biggest political rally in American history, in Wildwood, New Jersey, attracting over 100,000 patriots. Beijing Biden the Bribed Bastard, of course, can't fill a room, and even then only with fawning fake journalists. 

Top of Orange Man Bad's agenda: finishing the wall and deporting the millions of invaders, including Ham Ass terrorists of the kind to whom Australia and New Zealand just capitulated at the United Nations; including Chinese communists of the kind to whom New Zealand capitulated long since; including gangsters, sex traffickers, fentanyl-pushers and sundry other random generic scum Beijing Biden has welcomed in over the last four years… yes, Orange Man Bad will banish them all!

How delicious it was, how edifying and gratifying, to contemplate the terror that must be gripping the Woke-Fascists with their Trump Derangement Syndrome. It must be terribly triggering for them to confront the menacing spectre of… gasp… free speech, which Trump is going to restore… What, for instance, will the snivelling snowflakey psychos who freaked out at the idea of a debate about free speech at  Victoria University and secured the cancellation of that debate, do? Of what therapy can they avail themselves in which safe space, especially now that the debate is back on?! More of this sort of thing, I suppose.

That was a triggered San Francisco snowflake.

Still, you know the tide must be turning when even left-leaning commentators in Far-Left Woke-Fascist rags such as Stuffed start to admit it's been flowing the wrong way. Here's Josie Pagani in her Post column last week, a commendably fair and honest portrayal of visiting free speech activist Jonathan Rauch. Quote:

The greatest idea that humans ever had is also the most counterintuitive idea. “That we should not only tolerate speech and thought that is wrong-headed, seditious, offensive, obnoxious, heretical or blasphemous, but that we actually benefit from this as a society.” It’s how we sort good ideas from bad, and live in peaceful disagreement.

Censorship isn’t just refusing to have a debate. It can be hidden when experts like Julie Anne Genter see their authority as beyond question.

We got lazy. Like Sisyphus rolling his boulder up the hill, we must defend free speech again.


I kid you not — that was on Stuffed. So was an op-ed on May 1 by Michael Johnson and James Kierstead, senior fellows at the New Zealand Initiative and former Victoria University academics, titled, “Beware the Uni seeking to limit freedom of speech.” Good Lord! If Stuffed keep this up I'll have to cease calling them Stuffed!  And that will be no fun. But I hope they keep it up anyway.

But wait! There's more!

On Friday, the Department of Infernal Affairs (DIA, not to be confused with DEI — Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in which bovine manure the DIA is awash) announced it was abandoning proposals to further regulate online speech.

Quoting Voices for Freedom:

The proposals for online content and media regulation effectively amounted to “hate speech” laws for the internet and press, the centrepiece of which was an unelected, unaccountable ‘regulator’ that would have had the power to fine social media and internet-based content platforms for breaching rules designed to tackle harmful content.

Media firms would have had to abide by mandatory codes of practice also overseen by the new regulator, replacing self-regulatory schemes such as those run by the Media Council and the Broadcasting Standards Authority.

Last year, VFF's Head of Legal Katie Ashby-Koppens created a template for you to provide your feedback on this matter. Your concerns were received and acknowledged in the ‘Summary of Submissions’ report.

The DIA summary document names Voices for Freedom and the Free Speech Union as responsible for almost 19,000 combined feedback submissions using templates from VFF and FSU websites.

Yet another example of public pressure in action!


Better yet, abolish the DIA and its DEI altogether! Come on Seymour, Minister of De-Regulation: de-regulate the whole bloody department out of existence; chuck the DIA DMH — down the memory hole! 

That won't happen, of course. And it's still not entirely clear what Damn Jacinda Jackboot is going to be up to. But upon Voices for Freedom and the Free Speech Union one must assuredly bestow the Freedom Award!


And still we are not done. The seminal swirl in this veritable hurricane of hope is the most unbelievable of all. Seen the light Brian Kilmeade? That doesn't begin to capture the miracle of Comrade Chris Hipkins' epiphany, finally, as to what a woman is!  Remember how he struggled with that?

No longer so, apparently. Chris seems now to have evolved, and realised there are two fixed genders independent of whim and fantasy. Well, there must be, mustn't there, there must be, because otherwise between whom exactly is there a pay gap?!

I wonder if the reason Winston couldn't quite get his lines out was guilt… over the UN vote?

But, even as New Zealand shamefully votes in favour of Ham Ass at the United Nations, even as the lights go out in our homes and streets thanks to the Woke-Fascists' climate scam, lights are turning on in more and more people's heads. We are starting to win. I can feel some more triumphal Tchaikovsky coming on. Was it the 5th last week? Let's have something from the 6th!

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