Yolanda, Musician. Auckland, NZ.

March '20, being locked down, told not to go to work, told not to travel unless essential, told to keep our distance from people and stay in our ‘bubble', was very very strange indeed. It seemed way too harsh a response for a flu-like illness. What was also strange, was videos on the news of people dying in the streets and mass graves in other countries, but we didn't see anything like that here.

Closing businesses and schools, shutting the airports and stopping people travelling in or out of NZ was far too extreme. Not allowing the corner vege shop to be open, but allowing the corner liquor store to be open defied logic. Ok to drink but not to get fresh veges!

The PCR test was being touted as the first thing to do to check whether you had covid. If positive, you were a ‘case', which was added to the growing ‘cases' around the country. We learned early on that the PCR test was not fit for purpose, that they had increased the cycle threshold many times, so it would detect anything and would read positive, even in completely well people. This became a ‘pandemic of cases'. The cases were well people deemed to be part of the ‘pandemic'. In the past a case was someone who was sick !!

Early discussions suggesting a different approach from respected professionals in many fields were silenced and censored, so many NZ'ers did not even get a chance to hear other perspectives and options. Examples are covidplanb.co.nz and gbdeclaration.org

Aug '20 we were locked down a 2nd time, there had been only 28 deaths from covid in this 6 month interval! This made me very sceptical. I started researching how many deaths from car accidents, cancer, heart attacks in a 6 month interval and realised the response to the few covid deaths was way too harsh for such small numbers.

For the next year I met many people who agreed that the response was against the human rights of freedom of movement and freedom to work. Groups started to form of like-minded people, who simply wanted the freedom to choose how to live and to work and travel freely. Masks were being pushed to the point of craziness, with terrible arguments in shops. It was already known that they don't work, which has been proven over and over in more recent times.

From early '21 the ‘vaccine' was rolled out and I was appalled at the high level of ‘encouragement' by government agencies and media. There was a campaign of fear driven by all the media outlets. I even saw a sign on the motorway (normally for traffic information only, with a message to get vaccinated !!) I had already heard about adverse reactions from the jab in northern hemisphere countries, so I knew I wasn't going to get it. A medical writer had started a facebook group to share how appalled she was that the government didn't listen to her and others who were warning them about the adverse reactions. The FB group grew to 60,000, as many people were beginning to experience bad reactions to the jab. Then FB shut them down !! This was The Health Forum NZ. I found this totally unacceptable, but started realising that many people who were speaking out about the injection were being silenced and censored.

Aug '21 we were locked down due to one suspected case! This was outrageous and unbelievable.

Sept – Nov '21 leading up to the mandates I was horrified that this could become reality. Vaccine passports were being talked about as if this was normal behaviour ! Many of us were shut out of libraries, swimming pools, restaurants, shops, gyms, movies etc… Discrimination against those of us who chose to say no became totally unacceptable for a civil society. So much so that it was stated by the Prime Minister of NZ that there were now two classes of people, the vaccinated and the un-vaccinated.

15 Nov '21 I was fired from a piano teaching role at a school as I did not want to get the jab. How dare anybody stop people from their work where they are earning to pay mortgages and feed their families !! Where does freedom of medical choice come in???

The period from August '21 to April '22 was filled with the most horrible events. A lot of workplaces were absolutely nasty to staff who didn't want to get the jab. No farewells or thank you for the years of service. ! My partner had been at his company for 24 years and was just tossed out without any decency. Families and friends had major divisions and split ups. Christmas for most of us that year was not with our whole family, as many of them didn't want unvaccinated in their homes. I found it despicable that people were being bribed to get jabbed, KFC, money and all manor of other enticements. Many people we knew were struggling due to being mandated out of work and we started meeting people who sustained injuries after getting a jab.

The protest in Wellington was a build up of the anger felt by so many thousands of NZ'ers. How dare the government make employers fire us ! We simply wanted the mandates to be lifted. People of all walks of life, ages, ethnicies, religions and careers came together with that one common goal. The police were brutal to these peace loving people, the media lied about the protestors and all 120 MP's stayed silent in the beehive. This was horrible.

In April the mandates were lifted for most people, but still they stayed for health staff and some other employers still kept them. I expected that staff mandated would be invited back to their workplace. But no. I never received a call from my school. I know many who were never invited back. I know many who have applied to return to their career, only to be declined in the application process, even though there is a need in their area and they are well qualified. What is going on? I know many who don't ever want to return, due to the despicable way they were treated. My partner has had an unsuccessful mediation with his company and now awaits the Employment Relations Authority to deal with it.

Since that time I have started listening to, following and communicating with vaccine injured people. I have listened to many people who are discovering the government lies through OIA's and from people who are bravely speaking out about what they have experienced in their work places, here and many countries where the vaccine was rolled out.

I know that there are numerous court and disciplinary hearings for good professional people whose ‘crime' was to simply say that there are other ways to view this situation than only what the government said as the ‘only source of truth'. Many of them were mandated out of their work. Many of them are sorely needed in their professions at this time, as there are shortages in many fields, but no, they are not welcome back. Freedom of speech seems to be a thing of the past.

These days, I volunteer for The Health Forum NZ, introducing this organisation to medical professionals. This organisation is a support for the thousands of vaccine impacted NZ'ers, both from jab injuries to grieving the jab death of a loved one. Many share with me that they know about vaccine injuries and deaths, and some are injured themselves. Many many people know. But sadly most don't dare speak about it, as there is an abhorrence to the fact that perhaps the government lied about the ‘safe and effective vaccine'. People share with me of the people they know who are suffering from turbo cancer, heart attacks, strokes and all manner of strange health complications.

There are many people of all ages now dying suddenly. The media report these as dying from a ‘medical event'. In the past, coroners and pathologists would ascertain the cause and make this known. Today there are fewer coroners and there is a push for cremation. Many people are declined ACC multiple times and are told by medical professionals that their injuries are not from the injection, but ‘anxiety' or from some other cause. However, we know that the ‘safe and effective vaccine' is causing havoc.

I never took a pcr test, never wore a mask, never stopped hugging, never got a covid injection and have never been healthier, as I have learned so much from wise freedom loving people about what real health is. Real health comes from fresh air, clean water, sunlight, exercise, organic wholefood, regular sleep, natural remedies, holistic health practices, meditation, fearless living, joyful living, helping others, gratitude, warm relationships, community and love.

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