Warwick (62), Tinker. Wellington, NZ.

Forcefully vaccinated !

Suffering from a inguinal hernia and unable to do anything strenuous , I was booked to go for a surgery during the times of forced vaccinations .

My quality of life was pretty limited . I had chosen not to take the vaccine and was extremely shocked and distressed when I got a phone call to advise that I would not be getting my scheduled surgery owing to not being vaccinated .

With the thought of being left until the hernia ruptured and the possibility of a slow agonising death thru septis i went and took the poisonous ( to my belief ) vaccine .

To be denied urgent medical intervention through my choosing bodily autonomy was extremely distressing !

Even on the consent form I had to fill in I wrote ” I object t being forced to take the vaccination , it is only thru coercion and the need for urgent surgery and the choice to live my remaining life without suffering i must e vaccinated ”

I now no longer have any faith or confidence in any of the health system or medical practitioners , I have been shunned by society and no longer feel I belong to this society !

Lost and confused since being forcefully injected with their experimental substance !

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