Uwe (68), Dentist. Marlborough, NZ.

Dear team at New Zealand Royal Commission Covid 19 Lessons Learned,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to tell my story.

I trained and graduated in 1979 as a dentist in Frankfurt Germany. I emigrated to New Zealand with my wife and four children in January 2005. I admired the very low density of the population, the vastly better climate and friendliness of the people.

I worked as a self employed dentist in a group practice in Blenheim when Covid 19 arrived in New Zealand. In May 2021 the former Prime Minister made a statement that compulsory medical treatment was not an option for her. In the back of my mind I had the thought “wait for the denial and expect the opposite to happen”. But I dismissed it thinking this is New Zealand, we have the Bill of Rights, I was a member of NZ dental association, and the Dental Council of New Zealand. For our annual practicing certificate we were always reminded of our duties as dentists and had to sign that we were to always uphold the principles of informed consent and the right of the patient to refuse treatment even if deemed necessary or beneficial to her/him.

Then came November 2021 and vaccination against Covid 19 became compulsory. This was the moment that I felt in my heart of hearts that something had gone wrong, very wrong in this lovely country. I decided to lodge a formal complaint with the Health and Disability Commissioner on 17.10.2021:

Dear team @ Health and Disability Commissioner,

I have been a dentist for 41 years. I have seen a fair share of infectious diseases.

On 12. October I was informed by the Dental Council of New Zealand about the Ministry of Health's mandatory requirement to receive the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccination by 30.10.2021 and the second dose by 1.12.2021 with associated drastic penalties for breaches of COVID-19 orders.

I wish to raise a formal complaint about the Ministry of Health's mandatory covid19 vaccination for health care providers under the COVID-19 Public Health Response Act 2020, Order 2021.

This order disregards my fundamental rights in multiple aspects.

I do not feel treated with respect, the order causes discrimination, a sort of medical Apartheid and seeks to establish coerced consent, there is not the slightest concern for informed choice and informed consent.

The order furthermore ignores my independence and dignity.

Last but not least the Ministry's order ignores my protected right to refuse services.

Every year when I apply for my Annual Practicing Certificate I am reminded and required to state that I have and will uphold these fundamental patient's rights.

I just wonder whether we are still governed by Common Law and the Bill of Rights Act, section 11 or whether there is a different set of rules for the Government.

Thank you for reading this.

It took 3 months to get a reply from Mrs Amanda James. The essence was: “These concerns sit outside our area of responsibility”. I should write to the Ministry of Health directly.

The situation only got worse from this point in time. I was unable to sell my practice, I was ostracised, deemed a careless and selfish enemy of the precious majority of vaccinated fellow citizens. I watched in disbelief the quarantine of healthy people, a complete lack of a treatment protocol, rampant fear mongering by the NZ Government and mainstream media. The empty streets had the charme and real feel of former East Germany. I had experienced this in my younger days when we visited our grandparents in former East Germany. Dissenting voices faced slander and vicious ad hominem attacks instead of rational debate. This was not the first iteration of a corona virus outbreak. DARPA had done a study after the 2003 outbreak in 2015 and came to the conclusion that the best way to drive such an outbreak into extinction was early treatment with Ivermectin. Instead of this the NZ Government took us into barbaric coerced experimental treatment with a concoction that had no long term safety data, the control group of the safety trial study was eliminated by vaccinating these patients after 1 month as well. This very short term study by Pfizer became the underpinning for the emergency use authorization in the USA and also NZ. Thanks to a freedom of information act and a courageous judge, Pfizer, who wanted to publicly release the results in 75!! years was forced to release them now. Page 30-38 are listing 1,276!!! adverse side effects. So much for the “safe” side of the official narrative. Pathologist Ryan Cole early on warned that the spike protein was the toxin of the covid 19 virus. Why would anyone agree to change the inner workings of his/her own cells to produce copious quantities of this toxin with NO known dose response calculation?

Instead of learning new lessons the disaster that unfolded could have been avoided had we only remembered the lessons from the past. What happened to the Nuremberg Code and no forced medical treatment and medical experiments ever again? What happened to the freedom of thought, religion, critical thinking and real science?

The proposed chair persons of this enquiry are heavily compromised and have massive conflicts of interest since they were part of the creation of the ill fated “response” which was rather a fast and irrational reaction to the covid 19 problem. They need to be replaced. The same goes for the scope or terms of reference of the Inquiry.

Why do we have a highly elevated excess mortality in New Zealand? Why have the Dental Council and NZDA (the same goes for the Medical- and Nursing- and Midwifery Councils) been completely compliant pass through entities? Why has NZ police not investigated many suspicious sudden death cases referred to them by NZDSOS? What happened to NZ pathology – the conscience of medicine?

I know that a momentous task lies ahead for the NZ Royal Commission Covid 19.

Only a thorough and independent enquiry can bring the truth to light. That is the necessary precondition to turn the country around from a path of war, division, fear and deception to healing by choosing peace, acceptance of individual differences and rational debate.

It is up to you to chose wisely. What would you like to be remembered for?

Trust can only be maintained with transparency and open debate.

Why is the Ministry of Health sitting on its data base, preventing open access, bringing charges against a whistleblower by the pseudo name Winston Smith for revealing all is not well? As far as I can see it the data should belong to the people in this data base, not the Government. Why is the contract that the previous Government signed with Pfizer kept secret? Have the people of New Zealand no right to see for what their taxes are spent?

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