Tracy (58), Educational Coordinator. Marlborough, NZ.

I worked for NZ Police during the time of Covid… I worked for them a total of 4.5 years spanning before and after.

I managed to keep my job ultimately due to the timing of the High Court decision but was in constant fear of losing my job, my home, before this.

I observed cases of flu pre-covid and the flu shots that were offered at work. Approx 50% got the flu, regardless of whether they got the flu jab or not. I didn't, nor did I get the flu. I haven't had any kind of vaccination for 33 years, following a terrible dose of flu following my last flu jab, again offered through work in the UK.

At Police in the department where I worked, there were about 200 people in an open plan building. I would say about 98% of people would have had the covid shots due to govt/Police mandating them and protocols.

I caught covid from vaccinated colleagues after a letter-folding day (ready for postage to Licence-holders) at my supervisors house. All were recently vaccinated. I was basically better after 6 days, However I observed my vaccinated colleagues getting covid over and over and appearing to get more severe. I heard accounts of people being damaged and dying after having them both in and out of the work space.

I watched a number of colleagues' health generally degrade with some ending up in hospital with serious issues.

There is no doubt in my mind the covid vax was the cause. No doubt in my mind mask wearing, social distancing, sanitising didn't work. No doubt in my mind lockdowns did more harm than good. This is from direct observation.

I will never forget the harm done. How the govt used the media to demonise the unvaccinated and increase fear to the general public.

I would be interested to know the suicide rates for around that time also as many appeared to feel it was the only option.

Total disgrace/over-stepping of govt on our human rights.

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