Todd, Passive Fire Specialist. Auckland, NZ.

I would like to have a chance for my voice to be heard by the Royal Commission with my experience of what went on & how it affected me during the Covid 19 pandemic.

From the beginning of the 1st Covid wave (February 2020) in NZ up until today (March 2024) I have learnt immensely about the resilience of my resolve when faced with adversity which came with Covid & what was placed upon all NZers under the banner of the ‘safe & effective” narrative. I personally saw healthy family members whom did not need to take it or want to take the gene therapy (it is NOT a vaccine) but were forced by the government under mandates that stipulated if you don't take it you can no longer be a part of society (No Choice there) suffer immensely with vaccine injuries that they carry to this day & will do for the rest of their lives. From day one when we were told to bunker down in our homes, don't talk to your neighbours, don't visit family members, wear a face muzzle to help stop the spread(proven to be wrong), to being told the only source of truth comes from the governments podium of daily updates……..I knew then that our Government, Medical Council & relevant Health Departments had overstepped their duty of care by ignoring our basic human rights with great over reach of a virus that is similar to the common cold/flu and not deadly as we were told by the authorities (misinformation).

The isolation that we were forced into played a huge part in many mental health issues that were more of a threat to people than the virus itself. Even today these mental issues have spilled over into society and have had a profound effect on many lives to this very day.

The government (especially the Ardern/Hipkins one) has taken the approach of “it is what it is & hopefully NZers will forget what was forced upon them in the past four years”. Finally, we get to have our say but there has to be accountability from the top because that is where it all began & the buck stops there. NZers are not dumb & more are now waking up to the fact they were taken for a ride on a scale never ever seen before.

There should not be any bias or conflict of interest with any commissioners that are carrying out this inquiry & if there is they need to stand aside so NZers are given a clear, fair & transparent inquiry that stands on the values of honesty & truth.

The commission needs to look at an examination of the effectiveness and harms of Covid-19 policies including how decisions were made and how future preparedness can be improved. The Effects of Lockdowns Including a thorough analysis of the social, economic, and mental health impacts of lockdowns to understand the full scope of consequences. Vaccine/Gene Therapy Efficacy and Harms: A comprehensive investigation needs to be carried out into the effectiveness and therefore the adverse effects of Covid-19 gene therapy, highlighting the importance of transparency and accountability in the process.

So I just wish for my feedback to be heard & considered within the inquiry which should be a fair transparent inquiry that covers all that I have mentioned above with the hope of accountability as the Covid period has caused so much pain & destruction throughout New Zealand.

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