Tina, Trad Wife. Auckland, NZ.

The use of lockdowns made no sense at all. Locking up perfectly healthy people, shutting schools where for the more at risk children is the only safe place they go each day, not to mention the loss of academic and social development. Our neighbour died (not covid) alone in hospice care in September 2021, his wife of 50 years, son and daughter were refused entry and told it wasn't ‘safe' for them to sit with him as he passed. His wife Irene never recovered from that awful experience of not being able to be with him, no kindness there. My husband's uncle passed away (not covid) in October 2021, a large family of 70 were not able to have a funeral, it was cruel and wrong. Lockdowns didn't and don't work, the cost of locking down far outweighs any benefit. In a normal world we would have protected the vulnerable and let the healthy manage themselves. What happened was abhorrent. Under a cloud of secrecy vaccines were procured in an insanely speedy process using taxpayers money to purchase, while telling the taxpayers the contract for these vaccines was ‘commercially sensitive', so we can't know what we have signed up to. Neither open nor transparent. We deserve to know what is in the contract.The efficacy is zero from what I have witnessed, unless efficacy is measured by the harm they do, if that is the case they're very efficient, my husband being one of the numerous vax injured, luckily it didn't kill him like it did Rory Nairn. The social and economic impacts have been significant, lost jobs, bankruptcy, marriage breakups, increased illnesses (not covid), increased suicides, the insane increase in sudden deaths. My husband is a policeman, the number of sudden deaths he is attending has risen significantly. When a government and media lie and gaslight the public the ramifications and impact is huge and I'm sad to say this is just the beginning. We are in a recession now, a depression looming, all because of the covid response. The decisions made and the steps taken were not justified at all, in fact at times they were entirely illegal. When you shut down all reasonable opposing voices and claim to be ‘the one source of truth' we as a country were lost. It was not a response to a health crisis, it became a war on people, authoritarian and archaic. The virus, if there ever was one, was no worse than the flu in its fatality rate and the government set about destroying the country and turning people against each other. The government's response was not consistent with the rule of law, it rode completely roughshod over our Bill of Rights. The government chopped and changed policies on a whim and at times completely broke the law. Lucky for them a fair proportion of people it turns out were happy to follow orders and not look into whether something makes sense or was even legal. The flimsy mask mandate was a very good example of this as legally it was not even enforceable and fell under the health and safety umbrella and yet the people believed and enforced it. I count my lucky stars, I was not one of these people as the truth will set us free. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” – I thank god that there were enough of us good people to put a stop to the evil that went on in this country, never again!

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