Stu (48), Police Officer. Auckland, NZ.

The COVID-19 enquiry – where do I start on this?

The negative effects of the lockdowns over the 2020 to 2022 will be long lasting for many people in this country.

None of the rules of lockdowns or mandates made sense, they were inconsistent and tyrannical and went against the New Zealand Bill of Rights. We should have been looking after the vulnerable, not locking up the healthy!

I am a sworn New Zealand Police Officer and during the first lockdown we were classified as essential workers and considered heroes, but when it came to the end of 2021 when the police were mandated I was considered an outcast for refusing to get the vaccine. At the time I was working in a custodial unit and very rarely wore a mask, I was fit and healthy throughout that period and did not get sick with other illnesses or Covid. I worked alongside colleagues who were vaccinated, including the booster, they wore masks and yet they still contracted COVID-19.

Due to not having the first vaccine by 17th January 2022 I was stood down. I was escorted from the custodial unit and a suspension notice served on me to say that I was unable to enter any New Zealand police buildings or carry out my official duties. This was an absolute kick in the guts. The whole process was stressful not only for myself, but for my family. In the end I relented and got the first vaccine, If I didn't I would've lost my job. I am the sole income earner in our family, so this would have devastated us, the reality being, we would be unable to pay the mortgage which could lead to us losing our home.

It was never about Health if it was, where was the advertising saying eat well, exercise, get sleep and make sure you're getting enough vitamin C and D? Instead we were locked in our homes and told not to speak to our neighbours.

If you ever want to find out the definition of evil, look in the dictionary and you'll see the faces of Jacinda Ardern, Chris Hipkins and Ashley Bloomfield… Evil walks amongst us.

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