Soraya (47), Teacher. Manawatu-Whanganui, NZ.

I lost my job due to mandates enforced by the government, I wouldn't get a vaccine due to my health condition, which I am still waiting to be diagnosed for, I have serious food allergies and I do now have an e-pen.

We are 20 minutes away from a hospital and due to my condition I wouldn't get the vaccine.

So I was let go from a job I totally loved my bosses did everything to try keep me, however the Ministry of Education advised them to sack me, if I wouldn't get the vaccine.

I lost myself and started suffering from anxiety and depression, caused through the stress of losing my job.

Hay fever has always be apart of my life and food allergies in the last 10 years.

Currently on a waiting list to have my condition confirmed.

I have bad reactions which can be painful and stressful.

So I try to manage it the best I can.

However I don't like how I had my human rights thrown out the window with covid, my ancestors went to war for our freedoms we are suppose to have today and my whanau were Maori Battalion soldiers my uncle was one of the first up the hill, he survived both war's so we could have freedom of speech and so we could the freedoms we don't have today, because we don't have any rights, the government over ride everything and they are the same one's hurting our country today.

I come from Maori royalty my Nanny Ngawai Walden nee Whakapau father was the Chief of our tribe, which gave Nanny the right to be called a princess.

I am over what the government and their government agencies have done to me, this didn't just affect me, I put more pressure on my husband because he has to carry us.

I have however started my own Scented Candles business to help my husband meet our financial commitments as everything is going up apart from wages.

COVID made life difficult and I still have problems today because of it.

Human Rights should matter just like the treaty honour our ancestors and honour the kiwis who are still here today.

No place for Human Rights to go out the window nor racism, Kiwis still suffering today like our ancestors did all those years ago the government can keep their colony ways to themselves.

We are ONE there is no white people, Maori people, Asians, Indians we are meant to be ONE.

Treating us like little puppets.

So thank you to the government for the anxiety and depression I suffering through what you did to me during covid.

I have no faith in our government and I don't support them, I am a Greens supporter I care about our environment and what we are leaving for the likes of my mokopuna.

All they care about is how to make money and they don't care who they are stepping over to do that.

Changes need to be made by people waking up to the colonial way's of this country, trying to divide it, put other races before Maori, have they forgotten who was here first? Maori my ancestors they way we get treated is disgusting we don't expect everything because we are Maori it's our RIGHT so Seymour and Luxton and Peters are nothing but the three headed monster we call them because it's the truth, ruining our country, for what?

I had a number of hospital and doctors visits and it was stressful and hard.

I also have my medical records and it's pretty straight forward you can see this has been a life time allergies which I manage to my best ability.

Thank you for allowing me to share.

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