Sheryl, Administration. Otago, NZ.

I still carry the feeling of being ostracized for not choosing to take the jab. Shut out of my beloved gym, cafes, told I can't coach my kid's sports team, being banished from Scouts, watching my child's piano recital through the window…the list goes on. Made to feel second class. There was massive overreach, propaganda and cooercion. The protests were a sad time for free speech in the country, and having Politicians ignore the people.

To be honest, since the ‘plandemic' I don't trust the Minstry of Health at all, I don'T trust the Government, I don't trust the media. There is no way any of my family will be getting any type of ‘vaccine'.

I am gutted my husband was coerced into getting the jab and one booster to keep his job. I worry about him having heart problems or a turbo cancer.

Let people with valid concerns about safety and efficacy debate the issues instead of being censored! Anything that went against the Government narrative of ‘safe and effective' was squashed and censored. People were afraid to speak out. The denying and confiscation of Ivermectin, a proven treatment, even by Doctors who tried to secure supplies for their patients was absolutely shameful.

The ‘single source of truth' and ‘the science is settled' have left people disillusioned, so any future pandemic I think we will have problems with mistrust of government messaging. The Government needs to build trust again.

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