Sharen, Retired. Tasman, NZ.

My 87 year-old mother died alone during the second big lockdown in a Rest Home in Tauranga.

She had spent the last 18 months in full-time care and was 100% reliant on others for everything.

Every single day she looked forward to a visit from family or friends – this was the one bright light in her life at this time.

This one bright light was denied her thanks to the despicable lockdowns enforced by Ardern and her government.

When she died, on 21 August 2020, Auckland was completely cut off from the rest of the country, with borders in place at all points north and south of the city. I was my mothers Power of Attorney and her number-1 care-giver in our family. My application, which I lodged the very morning of her death (a Friday) for PERMISSION to leave Auckland in order to attend her funeral, was approved at 10.30 on the morning of her funeral (the Thursday following her death) which began at 11 am. It was thanks to a person who had influence, whom I cannot name, that I was actually able to attend her funeral. I had planned her funeral from my home in Auckland and it was unbelievably stressful and devastating to me that I may not have been able to attend to say my final farewells. It was bad enough that I was unable to visit Mum most of that year – I had visited Mum Tauranga every 4-5 weeks, prior to the lockdowns, for nearly 7 years, which is how long she had been living there. No one else from the Auckland/Northland regions were able to attend her funeral, including immediate family and dear long-time friends of hers.

It haunts me to this very day, that my mother died alone, because we, her family, were prevented from being with her.

My youngest brother is now terminally ill fighting renal cancer with lung secondaries. For a few years prior to the jab roll-out, his PSA levels for prostate had been slightly elevated but very stable. A short time after his 3rd jab (he was forced to have the jabs to keep his job; he did not have them by choice) his PSA levels were through the roof and he underwent a prostatectomy.

A pre-op CT scan showed a suspicious ‘shading ‘on one of his kidneys. The physicians looked no further at that stage, and instead went ahead with removing his prostate. Some months later, when re-scanning his kidneys, it was discovered this ‘shading' had grown into a 5cm renal tumour. His physician expressed great surprise at the speed in which this tumour had developed – one of those ‘turbo cancers' we are hearing about more and more.

Additionally, he had developed lung secondaries. I have absolutely no doubt that his cancer, which he so far has kept at bay for over a year by opting for exceedingly expensive non-funded treatment (he was able to cash in his kiwisaver to cover this), developed due to the 3 covid jabs he was forced to have in order to keep his job. His T-cells were completely compromised. His future is unknown, but he will be on this treatment, now funded by the drug company providing it, for the rest of his life – a life of unwanted side effects, 3-weekly infusions, and twice-daily oral meds. Further, he seems to catch every bug that's going. To say it breaks my heart is an understatement.

In many instances, I was prevented from attending special events and gatherings with some of my friends and associates, because I was not jabbed. I was also prevented from playing golf, a sport I used to greatly enjoy, because of the decision by so many clubs to mandate against unjabbed players. I was also unable to stay in NZMCA parks, because of this organisations decision to mandate against the unjabbed. In some instances, my friendships have been considerably diluted, not by me but by them – the fear and distrust engendered by Ardern and her accomplices was, and still is, very real to so many of my friends and associates.

I endorse every single word of The Peoples Terms, as proposed by Reality Check Radio and Voices For Freedom.

My greatest hope is that New Zealand, through the actions of the people who are prepared to speak up, returns to be the beautiful, free country that it once was. I appreciate it may take a generation or 2 to achieve, but this enquiry is a very good start.

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