Ross, Retired. Northland, NZ.

As soon as the borders opened in 2021 my wife and I travelled to Australia to see our daughter and first grandchild. We booked a 3 month return trip back to NZ. During this time the NZ borders were closed and New Zealanders were locked out of our homeland and could not return home. Our 3 month holiday turned into 7 months before we could secure an MIQ spot and book a flight home.

We were let out of MIQ early February 2022 and returned to Northland. I had heard about the protest being organized in Wellington and was keen to add to the numbers by attending. I felt strongly about the Government overreach and how it had already affected our lives. This would be my first protest at age 67.

Having been home in Northland for one night I travelled to Wellington to join the protest at Parliament grounds. I arrived on the morning 10th February to find a hostile police presence trying to aggressively move the protesters off the parliament grounds.

It was during the police aggression that I was brutally arrested and taken off to jail a very injured 67 year old. My shoulders and elbows we so close to being dislocated my arms swelled to twice their size. I had four police on me during the arrest during which time they tore my calf muscle and achilles tendon and rearranged some bones in my left foot. I have been in recovery for the past two years doing strengthening exercise most days but are still walking with a limp.

The leg cramps I have endured over the past 2 years have been severe which has a negative effect on your sleep and quality of life. I was a fit 67 year old who loves yoga, workouts and long walks. I am now 69 still love yoga and workouts minus the walking.

I would like to see accountability for the actions of the government of the day and the police action on innocent civilians.

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