Rochelle, Retired Gp/Anaesthetist. Wellington, NZ.

How was I affected personally by the measures put in place by the Government after the WHO declared a SARS 2-19 Covid pandemic of significance in 2020:

Well. at the time I didn't know of the the new definition of Pandemic used by the WHO so imagined something worse than SARS 1.

So closing the borders limited a 2 week period, for a wait and see what is happening, seemed excessive but acceptable.

However, then came 2 metres social distancing which was crazy for a virus in the air, as though a one metre circle meeting a one metre circle could have any validity. Then a friend of many years I met coming from the beach stepped back away from me as though I was a danger to her, and this, in March, when there were just a few “cases” in the Auckland/maybe Northland region, none for rest of the country. This was shocking to me. I knew something very remiss was going on.

Then an urgent US scan for probable breast cancer [I had delayed official diagnosing for 2 years] was made for March 24th .. but then all non-urgent investigations, operations and OPD appointments were cancelled for those aged over 70 years!

[I was a healthy 80 year-old].

I was unable to have the scan until end July, and had the operation I had expected/wanted two weeks later. Fortunately my cancer was “indolent”, not a worry re distant spread. But if it had been aggressive, then that delay might have been fatal.

Then lockdowns and mandates of other kinds came into force: only one person could shop at a time, waiting carefully spaced [stickies on the ground] 2 metres apart, and wearing a mask, one out/one in; our local Dairy could stay open but the next door fruit and veggie shop had to close. Masks had to be worn after leaving one's home; everywhere was being sprayed and scrubbed by masked gloved “essential workers' with lethal chemicals [going into waterway and the sea eventually]. I collect rubbish everywhere I walk locally QE Park, Paekakariki.. and had to pick up/throw away numerous used or unused masks.

A horrific waste of money.

An atmosphere of fear was propagated, that the only way out of the nightmare they had made was to wait for a new warp-speed vaccine that was being developed in the USA [especially]; and a separation stigmatism of those would could not, would not wear a mask ..I was one of these. [Like the spacing, the masks were a nonsense]. I could not enter my GP's surgery unless I wore a face covering or I would be expelled from the Practice!

Then came the “vaccine”: I read of it's amazing new technology and was flabbergasted: the virus- attenuated or killed – was not there, only the infective particles – the spike protein – and it was made, via mRNA technology and Nanolipid particles to ensure it entered the cells via the ACE-2 receptors – to get our own cells to manufacture this foreign protein on the surface of our own cells, or released into the blood/lymph, so that lots of anti-bodies could be made. No wonder our immune system cells have been confused, exhausted.

Our immune system white cells continually monitor all the body to destroy/absorb dying, infected, cancer cells .. any not normal. So to attack our own cells [endothelial].. throughout the body to destroy those exhibiting the spike could be disastrous.

This is an added submission because I forgot to mention my experience of the convoy of protest to Parliamentary grounds and its growth to a tent village.

Such was the hostility to any rejection of the official Truth [the one source of], that all the protests from Civic Square to Parliament were accompanied by a huge police contingent.. There was no MSM news about these protests, accurate numbers; there were no interviews with participants.

Then came the convoys from Bluff and Cape Reinga.

I waited two plus hours for the convoy to pass Paekakariki, and met a local community to connect with, people new to me, and fortunately for us, in lovely weather.

It was wonderful to see the commitment, the protest reasons on the sides of vehicles,. the messages about the Mandates; slogans .. all about Freedom – to legally refuse the jab [QR codes], the Nuremberg freedom to reject any medical treatment.

And then no-one of Parliament met them! So they stayed. This was not a one-off either .. anti-Springbok Tour protesters stayed 3 weeks I have heard.

But for the whole of the protest at Parliament only the tiny amount of negative behaviour was ever in the MSM reports, except -memorably and most positively – the interviews by Melanie Reid with the VFF founders, and tour of the Village.

I was there for 2-3 hours on 5 separate days .. in pouring rain. in wind, in lovely sunshine. I absolutely loved the atmosphere, the friendly, loving meeting of different ethnicities, ages, from children to the very elderly. I loved the support from outside re food/meals, clothing, eventually free haircuts [Mandates prevented these along with so much of our lives], tents with the story-boards about those who had been injured or died as a result of these disgusting “vaccines”. I spoke to the crowd on 2 occasions, as a retired Medical doctor, I listened to others, and the music. It was all “professionally” curated, controlled yet open.

Some of the people there had been jabbed because of desire to travel to Oz to see their children etc, or to keep their jobs. Most were not.

In the jargon of the all MSM, this was a “Superspreader” event .. but there were no resultant illness, hospitalisations, deaths – but no mention of this reality.

It was all all about the Mandates, Masking, division of our society -“the family of 5 million” which came to be seen as the insincere slogan that it always was. [There were a few with other causes on show – Maori separatists, anti-1080- but these were tolerated by the main crowd as a true support of freedom of political or social viewpoints].

The last time I was there was on March 1st.

Friends were there on March 2nd when a vast Police Force from around the country [and Australia I have heard] have from dawn onwards, used their body armour, head gear, masks, shields, batons, pepper sprays, rubber bullets, shouting “move, move” to bull-doze the 99% unresisting, peaceful people, young and old onward, trampling and trashing and throwing into containers on vehicles tents, mattresses, food, cooking gas cylinders, the crosses commemorating the dead. A devastating end to the protest that if it had been in Russia or other “enemy” regimes would have been called out as was it was .. a brutal display of authoritarian power.

As I have said before, the statement of “for a future pandemic” is itself a propaganda mantra discounting the fact that the virus spread, mutated [as usual] to become more infectious, less worrisome.

The ‘Vaccine” made no positive difference; the virus is still around – the repeated ill-health with positive RAT tests, probably as a result of, mostly, shedding-spread of the illness-causing Spike protein [designed to be made in our own cells] from the vast majority of jabbed, double jabbed, boosted double and treble boosted in the population.

“Thousands of deaths have been prevented” by all the measures taken is again a mantra which is a thorough Lie.

It also ignores the officially, in real science circles, accepted realty that the SARS-2 Covid virus was artificially constructed, Genetically Modified corona virus from a bat, in the Wuhan Lab, as part of Gain of Function work funded by USA organisations [Fauci controlled] just so that vaccines could be made against it for vast, liability protected, profit of the vaccine Companies.

If there are future pandemics, the kind of research written above – which continues – will be the origin, deliberately or accidentally.

But even if such a contrived epidemic does occur, there should never be the socially, economically and personally divisive, mandates about anything. No coercions. Instead every kind of help to be healthy [we all know], and treatments without being dictated to which is the official one, and no banning, restricting, stopping from importing.

Care of the ill without fear-mongering and stupid over-the-top PEP clothing; no use of environmentally destroying chemicals.

And especially, no silencing of different views but open discussion with evidence [real not selective] – this in society in general, radio, TV. other MSM.

In other words the opposite of everything done this time.

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