Robin, Supermarket Worker. Canterbury, NZ.

This is my experience and observations during the Covid pandemic from March 2020

Way The Lockdown Was Introduced On TV:

I was round at my parents house and the TV was on, and the bulletin came on announcing the initial lockdown. Having been involved in sport, and done a lot of coaching over many years, I found the language used intriguing, because for 20 straight minutes the announcers kept saying and reinforcing:

Don't Worry, Don't Panic, Don't Stress,

Don't Worry, Don't Panic, Don't Stress,

Don't Worry, Don't Panic, Don't Stress.

As a sports coach, one word you learn not to use, and do not use is the word don't, because don't is a word that people do not hear, so effectively the presenters were telling the New Zealand Population for that whole 20 minutes to effectively Worry, Panic and Stress.

And I said to myself, if this is a true pandemic, why is the language and phrases being used which is going to deliberately send people into a worry, panic and stress mode?

The last thing you want to do as a sports coach is to send your team out onto the playing field in a stressed out panicked state and condition, you want them to be in a calm rational thinking state so that they can perform at their optimum level and to make rational decisions.

Pfizer Data Sheet:

As things were progressing over time, I was keeping an eye on and reading the manufacturers data sheet for the Covid 19 vaccine, with this data sheet more commonly known as the Pfizer Data Sheet.

The narrative being pushed out and constantly reinforced by the politicians and the medical fraternity, was that this vaccine was Safe, and yet I'm reading at the same time within the Pfizer Data sheet that – The possible side effects of the vaccine are still being studied in clinical trials (Dated 31 January 2022)

So I'm saying to myself How can the politicians and the medical fraternity be saying that the vaccine is safe, when at the same time the manufacture of the same medication is saying that it is in clinical trials?

Essential Worker And Working Throughout:

As I worked in a supermarket I was deemed to be an essential worker, so hence I worked throughout the whole of the lockdowns, and if the hospitals were as busy as they were saying, and I'm not saying that they weren't, going by the amount of work that we were doing in the supermarket at that time, if those in the hospitals were that busy and overrun, how did they have the time and energy to organize, choreograph and practice highly intricate dance routines and post them on line? No one in the supermarket trade had the time or energy to organize, choreograph and practice highly intricate dance routines and post them on line.

Also working during that time I never had a day off through illness, I was in and outside all day in all weathers, I was in and out of freezers all the time, and in places with the heating going, I was touching cardboard and products all day, which other people had handled. I was surround by the general public throughout my working day as they were coming in shopping to get their essentials. I was in rooms and in close contact with people who were coughing and spluttering and they subsequently had to have a week off sick after testing positive for covid.

And throughout I never wore a mask, didn't use hand sanitizer (why use an anti bacterial when we are dealing with a virus), and I'm quite happy saying, I never got the jab, and even with all of the conditions of what I worked through and experienced, never got covid.

And of the many reasons why I didn't line up for the jab, one reason was that some of my close associates were talking about and discussing the types of reactions they were having after they received their vaccine shots, including:

* Sore Arm for 3 weeks, and they couldn't lift the arm above the horizontal for those 3 weeks

* Swelling Lymph Nodes underneath the arm pits

* Feeling like they were on a sugar rush all night

* The Breast, on the side that they got the injection in the arm, getting slight larger than the other Breast

If people were talking about the faults in the car that they had just bought, I wouldn't go out and buy that model, would you?

Chemical Sensitivity:

I personally deal with chemical and perfume sensitivities and things bought in to protect people during the covid period, such as Hand Sanitizer, Spray Sanitizer and Trolley Wipes, had a detrimental and negative impact on my health. Hand Sanitizer has perfume in it, the spray sanitizer, because it was used after every customer on all checkouts, and depending on who was using it, depended on how much spray sanitizer was being used, which meant sanitizer droplets where constantly going into the air, and accumulating all throughout opening hours.

And the original trolley wipes we got, even though they weren't supposed to, were outgassing ammonia chloride. Interestingly the only occasion I took time off (1 day) was because of the outgassing of the ammonia chloride from the trolley wipes, which occurred within a day and half of them being introduced. And the reason I took the day away was because the ammonia chloride was triggering my pleurisy.

If one combines all of the above, one ends up with a real toxic soup of man made chemicals, and for one who deals with chemical and perfume sensitivities, a bad combination and once we realized what was going on, myself and my employers took appropriate steps to mitigate what was happening.

And working in a supermarket and because people had been put into a deliberate panicked state by those espousing the official narrative, people went overboard and excessive in what they used and did. For example, you had men who were 6 foot 4 liberally slathering hand sanitizer all up their forearms.

Destruction Of Family:

One of the saddest aspects of the whole covid pandemic was the destruction of families in being divided and ripped apart because some, in doing their own due diligence in research, had the guile and audacity of having a different view and information to the one source of truth and as a result of doing their due diligence, these family members were excommunicated because they didn't agree with the official narrative.

And the one's who fell into lockstep with the governments narrative displayed distinctive cult like behaviour to those who were presenting different information to what was being presented on the TV.

The vitriol and abuse that was aimed and directed at the non believers created rifts that will never be healed, and when you personally get told in an aggressive way – That you're all dead to me, revealed the cult like behaviour and irrational thinking that these family members were displaying and had been put into by the government narrative.

These same people were also screaming at us that if we didn't get the jab that we were going to die, that we were going to kill them and we were going to kill our elderly parents. Interestingly, 4 years later, the non jabbed are still alive, our elderly parents are still alive and they're still alive, so I guess that, that part of the narrative didn't quite pan out.

Also all of the family functions, including Christmas, Easter, birthday celebrations and milestones we used to do and have, those who didn't get vaccinated are excluded from being able to attend any family get together at all, which is a sad, sad legacy and indictment created by the government and politicians through their manipulation and fear tactics perpetrated upon naive unsuspecting people.

Yeah, lockdown wasn't all fluffy ducks, glitter and unicorns, and I know that some people thought that the one's pontificating upon the podiums were wonderful people, though there's nothing worse than a smiling duplicitous politician.

Lessons Learnt Throughout The Pandemic And Lockdowns


Through their actions and words, Trust in organizations and groups of people was destroyed throughout the pandemic, with these organizations and people being:

Government and Politicians

Media and Journalists

TV and TV Personalities

Medical Council and Doctors

Pharmaceutical Companies

Police Force and Police

And if the commission and commissioners do not allow the incoming information from the inquiry to speak the truth for itself and the commission and commissioners perform a white wash, then they to will join the subsequent list of organizations and people not to trust.

And Trust is a very easy concept to understand, for:

Trust is simply when words and actions match, and when words and actions do not match, trust can not be built.

Language Used:

Using language that is inflammatory and divisive and puts people into a panic and frightened state is not conducive during an emergency, or at any other time.

Using derogatory terms and bullying against those who did not uptake of the medication is a divisive tactic that is designed to turn people against each other, and when done throughout an emergency is a disgusting tactic and the people perpetrating it are not fit to be holding positions of power.

And when people are having their emotions manipulated to drive a narrative and to get them to make decisions in an emotionally vulnerable state, I find that the narrative being promoted and pushed suspect and dubious at best.

Proper Informed Consent:

During the pandemic and lockdowns, all the procedures and protocols for protecting the people administrating the vaccine and people receiving the vaccine were overridden and discarded and the process of informed consent was totally ignored by the government and the medical fraternity.

For example:

* Did people have easy and ready access to the Pfizer data sheet before they got the vaccine?

* Did people read the Pfizer data sheet before they got the vaccine?

* And as per the Pfizer data sheet, has it been sighted and noted on people's medical records that they read the Pfizer data sheet?

To quote the last page of the Pfizer data sheet:

Scan to capture that this fact sheet was provided to vaccine recipient for the electronic medical records/immunization information systems


A one size fits all medical procedure is not right for everyone, for even doctors tell us that we are all different, because true health is a holistic approach, for health, and a healthy and well functioning immune system is influenced by many things, including:

What one eats

What one drinks

What one thinks

How one breaths



And an interesting quote heard is:

We no longer eat food, we eat food like products

And after reading and looking through the CARM data Spread sheet one asks – how can one medication create so many varied and diverse reactions in so many different people?

Moving Forward

If there is a next pandemic:

* Not overriding well known procedures and protocols protecting people's rights

* A multifaceted approach to people's health, not a “magical” one size fits all approach

* Those who want to hide away can

* Mask wearing optional

* Vaccine uptake optional

* No propaganda and divisive tactics used

* No vaccine passport to create a two tier society

* Liability not wavered for the manufacturers of the medication being used

* Multiple Sources of Information, because a one source of truth becomes a dogma, and a dogma becomes dangerous because it elevates it to a state of religiosity

And if anyone tells you that the science is settled, that is a fallacy, because when one looks throughout history, it is easy to see that:

Science is never settled, for at the basis and heart of science, is to ask questions

And to sum up the last 4 years, essentially we have been subjected to a medical tyranny, for:

If one is not allowed to ask questions, the first question one should be asking is why?

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