Robert (64), Paperboy. Otago, NZ.

My friend KM with whom I used to run got the jab. Ten days later he just dropped dead.

My friend SG with whom I used to ride got the jab. Three weeks later he went to sleep and never woke up.

My sister M got the booster. Her resting pulse went from 50 to 140 and she is now on permanent heart medication. She was a keen cyclist but now

needs an e bike.

My sister G was aware of the scam that was being played out and knew how dangerous the jab was so wasn't going to get it. However with all that she would lose from not getting the jab she decided she would just as soon be dead so she exceedingly reluctantly got it. She developed serious blood clots in her legs and blurred vision.

My three daughters each decided very wisely not to get the jab. All three lost their jobs. The youngest M has yet to find a replacement job. The oldest G has lost over $100,000 of income. The middle one K is doing OK. All three know they did the right thing.

A lot of my friends are like my family and refused to get the jab. None that I know ever got any sickness to speak of. On the other hand my friends that got the jab, like for instance E and J, tell us that they got Covid and how very very sick they were, almost at death's door. So my own experience has been that the jab had serious and often fatal side effects and that those who got the jab tended to get seriously sick while the unjabbed didn't.

I remember seeing an old lady who had driven down to the Esplanade to park and look at the sea being told off by police and sent home. And my old friend R, whose son is a cop, getting into trouble for driving to some local fields to walk her dog. Who'd have thought they'd see the day when the government would turn the country into an open air prison, allegedly on account of a hypothetical deadly virus.

I remember doing my usual bike ride and being stopped by police for being too far from home. So I stopped going to Harrington Point and went to Aramoana instead, just a little bit further. Bloody Gestapo.

Being a problem solver I looked into what was going on.

Of primary importance was Event 201 in 2019. Organised by Bill Gates, the WEF and John Hopkins University with special guest the director of the CIA. There the whole plandemic was gone over. The CIA was there as they are the master of psyops and would lay down what was to be done. The WEF was there because, as Klaus Schwab has boasted, they have infiltrated the cabinets of the world and would provide the manpower to implement the psyop.

Infamous examples of people working directly for the WEF are Macron in France, Trudeau in Canada, Ardern in New Zealand, plus thousands of others.

Already at Event 201 they were showing the videos of Chinese actors dropping dead in the streets which were later use to spread fear among the gullible throughout the world. And of course Bill Gates' interest was the vaccines that would save the world from the mythological virus. And Christian Drosten was there with his already developed PCR test which would test for a short genetic sequence of unknown origin but readily found in humans which would magically tell people if they had Covid thus generating billions of cases. Ignoring the fact that Kary Mullis, the Nobel Prize winning inventor of PCR said that if you do PCR well you can find anything in anybody and that it cannot be used to diagnose disease.

The scene opens with the discovery of this novel corona virus in Wuhan but if you read the scientific paper you find no virus was ever isolated. In China's very polluted cities respiratory illness is ubiquitous and a lung sample was taken from one patient, broken down into short genetic sequences, and a computer program used to build possible long sequences from these. Much like a computer program suggesting the thousands of things you could build from a box containing millions of Lego pieces. The longest sequence was then called SARS- CoV-2. So to this present day there is no evidence to suggest that SARS- CoV-2 is anything other than a piece of computer fiction. Which would explain why around the world there were no excess deaths in 2020.

Also a computer fiction were the ‘mathematical models' used to predict outrageous numbers of deaths. I am a mathematician and mathematics is the most exact science but mathematical modelling is a misnomer producing the most outrageous fairy tales totally devoid of any contact with reality but designed to produce fear and compliance in a gullible population. Just lies worthy of the father of lies himself. Their history of outrageous predictions goes back over 40 years now. If you do ‘mathematical modelling' well you can produce any forecast that the people paying the money desire.

In 2021 the insurance companies first observed the startling number of excess deaths, highest in the most highly vaccinated countries and hitting the working age population in particular. The excess deaths coincided with the vaccine rollout and have not yet abated. The conclusion is obvious.

But the official narrative is that there is a deadly virus and the vaccine is safe and effective. Thus in NZ a man was shot and died from his gunshot wounds, but because they managed to get a positive Covid test he was officially a Covid death. And when a 16 year old girl in Auckland got the jab and died the same day, Jacinda, ‘our only source of truth' assured us that the death was not related to the jab. Some people actually believed her but others have IQs beyond the single digits. But then if Jacinda didn't stick to her carefully prepared script, put the South Island into lockdown when there wasn't even a single ‘case' in the South Island, make people wear those super unhealthy masks which also psychologically destroyed so many of the very young, etc. then her WEF masters would not have been pleased and she would not have become one of the few New Zealanders to become exceedingly rich over Covid. Normally a prime minister working for a foreign power against the interests of the people of her own country is guilty of treason.

The mainstream media is totally controlled by those responsible for the plandemic and provided all the propaganda for it, while other servants of the WEF were pulling strings on Facebook, you tube, etc to shut down anybody who had some idea of what was going on. There was no viral threat to health.

The real threats were vaccines, face masks, lockdowns, isolation, social distancing, etc. The destruction of small businesses and large economies and health systems was deliberately done. That was the plan.

Those who went to Wellington to protest, in the most significant and peaceful protest this country has ever seen, were real heroes. Not a single MP went out to talk to them. They represented the true kiwi spirit protesting against the most cruel tyranny and grave violation of the most basic human rights that this country has ever seen, but Labour, National, the Greens and ACT all stood by the tyranny, stood by the narrative written by the psychopathic globalists orchestrating the plandemic worldwide and not a single MP went out to talk to these wounded and bleeding people. At least Winston Peters had the balls and humanity and compassion to spend time talking to and walking among the people he now once again represents. For which crime he was trespassed from parliament. How dare he listen to some truth when following the narrative is the only activity permitted. And it was horrific to see the sheer thuggery of the tactics used by the police against this peaceful group. The police should be there to protect New Zealanders, not to violently attack them when they resist the psychopathic agenda of the so called ‘globalist elite'.

Even though it is now widely known that the vaccines provided no health benefit but have shocking side effects, the boosters are still being pushed in this country.

Even though it is now widely known that the tests are worthless, figures for so called Covid cases and so called Covid deaths are still being published daily in this country. Even this commission starts already with the false premises that there was areal virus and there was a real pandemic, both of which are totally false.

By accepting these premises the commission buys into the globalists' narrative, and then pretends that the actions taken by the government were an attempt to deal with a real crisis and could some things have been done a little better.

But the truth is there was no deadly virus and no actual pandemic, but just your normal flus and colds going around. And the government response was preplanned at Event 201 and carried out in lockstep around the world with the intention of inflicting massive damage on economies and small businesses and people's lives and shifting vast wealth and power away from the people to the globalist elite. Those who support this agenda are rewarded, those who oppose it are simply smashed.

On whose side does this commission stand? The globalists or the People of New Zealand?

1. Deadly viruses are a myth, the stuff of Hollywood movies. Don't be taken in by propaganda about them.

2. Be aware that the next pandemic will be as fake as the last one.

3. Do not on any account buy any vaccines, they will only harm you and waste countless billions.

4. Do not on any account do PCR tests, they cannot diagnose illness.

5. Do not on any account do lockdowns, they only kill the nations economy.

6. Do not use facemasks, they provide no protection but actually endanger your health.

7. The only people who should stay at home are the sick.

8. Govern New Zealand in the interests of New Zealanders and not of foreign powers.

9. Do not let people with close connections to the following criminal organisations make decisions in the government or in the health system:

The World Economic Forum

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

The World Health Organisation


Big Pharma

10. Do not follow directives from any of the above criminal organisations.

11. Respect the Nuremberg Code Which gives people the right not to be experimented on medically against their will and was a response to the crimes perpetrated by the Nazis. But with Covid we have witnessed a crime of such proportions inflicted on so many billions world wide that it has made the Nazis look like kindergarten kids. When Bill Gates and the WHO announce their next plandemic New Zealand should decline to participate and simply carry on with business as usual, to avoid bankrupting the country and having even more outrageous excess deaths with the new vaccine.

I could go on but why waste my time. I have stated some key truths clearly even though they will be ignored. This commission will ignore the truth, follow the narrative, and whitewash the crimes that have been committed. That is what they have been assembled to do for the tentacles of the globalist elite are ubiquitous and the corruption of key institutions very thorough.

But let nobody say that I didn't attempt to set the record straight for anyone on the side of truth.

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