Richie, Firefighter. Southland, NZ.

This story is about my what my family had to endure during the government lies, deceit and coercion by government to push toxic untested poison onto all the citizens of Nz.

I will start from not being allowed to be on my Fire Station or able to fulfil my role as a firefighter. From Nov 11 2021 Fire and Emergency NZ found it necessary to exclude myself from my role as a firefighter. No questions were answered and blindly followed Govt guidelines and recommendations to discriminate myself ( and my family) who had broken no laws.

This left me unemployed and basically unemployable. To be re-employed was not easy at this time. A father who now can't provide for his family. But I can protect them.

My wives hairdressing business was forced into stopping through mandates and her clients fear of not complying. Second income taken by mandates. And to the hairdressers who went on a witch hunt to further prevent their peers from working, ( you know who you are). Husband and wife both lose income.

My 27 year old son was forced from his employment at Canterbury University. His work, sport and ability to socialise taken. Come home Son and we will get through it. It will be tough to provide but let me protect you. But let's do it together.

My next 20 year old son was unable to continue his studies at Canterbury Uni and also his sport, social scene ability to work all taken. Please don't become injected with this forceful unknown poison, come home and we will get through together.

My 18 year old daughter could not finish her early childhood training at Otago campus. Her career, work, social, and sports were taken or she was forced out of them. Mum and Dad and now 3 children with no incomes, sport and social scene, Come home and we will get through together.

Now our 17 year old son who was lined up for an electrical apprenticeship through ETCO, was told he was no longer employable. Lucky he lived with us and could be protected from the forced poisoning from so called Doctors and Nurses.

Mum and Dad now no incomes, 4 children with no careers, no jobs, no sport, no social acceptance.

Lastly our 15 year old daughter at Southland Girls high school, treated poorly by some bullyish teachers, made to feel terrible within the class and school. No sport, no social scene, oustracism from so called trusted institutions.

So a family of 7 with no incomes and persecuted by all of the blind and hateful society.


*Employment of our choice

*Sports for important development

* All social scenes

* I was not allowed to complete an online employment exam, at the Ascot Hotel. All Invercargill Licensing Trust outlets required the scammed vax passes to enter.

This was the most stressful time for a father whose role is to provide and protect his family. My ability to provide was severly compromised, but luckily I could still protect them from the toxic govt push.

We were banned from our social clubs, taken off wedding lists, uninvited to many other family and social gatherings. We could not, and were not allowed to be human, society and the low grade people in it did not allow it.

We all regret nothing and are grateful for our uncompromised* immune systems. I am forever grateful for not complying to the forced toxic poisoning of the world.

Since we were unemployed and no pathway to speak and express how we were treated we spontaneously headed to Wellington on Feb 6 2022. to fight for our rights and freedoms for all Kiwis, even for the ones still asleep.

We met some amazing people. The kind of people who I would go to war with. People from all ethnicities, genders, backgrounds , regions, real human beings that showed courage and strength to be there!!

We were there for 3 weeks being ignored by the so called leaders of thus country.

We left Wellington in poor health. We felt like we were poisoned some other way. Someone or something in Wellington was taking our health, it took months of recovery from Wellington, we slept for months, we were physically weak, broke out in tetoxing rashes, we were beat up from the stress of mandates, but mostly what the hell were they doing to us in wellington.

I hope the inquiry also looks into the forms of crowd control. Both forms of LRAD, and why the high rates of emf radiation were recorded.

I have little respect for all the weak people who intentionally went along with the mass poisoning.

But most importantly I have much respect for all the freedom fighters, non compliers, all the people who stood up and put their beings on the line. Very grateful for this family of fighters. Also the professionals who lost careers for being honest like NZDSOS, international actual experts (not the paid off so calked experts) REAL experts like

Peter McCulloch

Robert Malone

Del Bigtree

Gert Vanden Bosch

Naomi Wolf

John Camobell

Mike Yeardon.

Ryan Cole

Pierre Corey

Judy Micovitz

Dr Bhatacharya

Alex Jones

David Icke

Peter Kirsch

Guy Hatchard.

Plus the many others.

Liz Gunn

Chantelle Baker

Barry Young

Voices for freedom.

*I also hope that the real science of potential shedding is studied and quickly as we really don't know how the vaccinated have effected the unvaccinated. This is a concern the inquiry needs to address also.

There is much more but this story is one of many. I am so grateful that my family are all pretty healthy, but I would love to cast some love and prayers to the good people who died, those who lost loved ones, those who have serious health. conditions, those who are still affected through non employment and the tyrannical mandate CHOICE. Ha YEAH RIGHT.

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