Ratilal (62), Health Professional. Auckland, NZ.

Professionally employed as a doctor since 1985. Last held a practising certificate in 2011. Have not practised clinical medicine since.

Founded and ran a doctor's home visit service from 1998 to 2010, covering the wider Auckland area.

Experience includes:

Managing clinical services for Rest Homes and Private Hospitals in Auckland, and inclusive of 24-hour acute care cover for all Rest Home and Private Hospitals.

Police Doctor with 20 years' experience and running the Auckland North police doctor services contract.

Prison Doctor for all prisons in the greater Auckland area including Youth Justice.

Consultant visiting doctor to the Ministry of Justice, and services as an expert witness.

Contracting of medical community services for the District Boards of Health.

In 2003, my company Housecall was contracted by the DHB to provide screening cover for the first Covid outbreak from China. This involved intercepting at-risk travellers at Auckland airport (after being screened by nurse teams) and providing home care in the first instance. To avoid exposure to GP clinics, Accident and Medical facilities, and Public Hospitals.

I had front line medical experience of the outbreak in 2003, far more than GPs and others in the profession. That coronavirus of 2003 had a lethality rate 6 times greater than what has ever been reported and reliably corroborated by this covid-19 outbreak.

The cult of mask-wearing began then. The overwhelming majority were from Asia who had spent time in China and Hong Kong.


Initially reported by agencies all linked to the World Health Organisation, this was in January 2020. There were reports of widespread population lockdowns and mass quarantine for all in proposal.

The most important point here was that this was recognised by many medical and scientific disciplines as being the worst possible option, with no justification presented.

Yet this is what happened. The UK strongly denied the need for this extreme measure, as did Australia and New Zealand. But all these countries pivoted, often with no warning or explanation.

This country did so, soon after there was discussion not to go down this illogical path.

Over the next crucial 2 years, the lockdowns did NOTHING to stop the spread of an airbourne virus.

The negative consequences of this cannot be outweighed. The massive spike in domestic violence. Violence towards adults and towards children. The only figures released in the mainstream media quoted Christchurch. A 30% spike in adult violence and higher towards children.

Anecdotal evidence put the worst areas as Northland and parts of South Auckland.

The spike in ram raids following the end of lockdowns was not coincidental. The mainstream media did let reports through of young offenders who felt safer in custodial care (difficult as it as) than being returned to parents or guardians.

Denial of Treatment

Why was hydroxychloroquine (HDC) effectively banned and made unavailable in this country?

It was proven to be efficacious in the last outbreak in 2003. One of the main ways that China and Hong Kong successfully treated people with more severe effects of the coronavirus.

Why was Ivermectin effectively banned from use in New Zealand? It has been conclusively proven to be effective again at treating persisting effects of coronavirus.

It was used extensively and effectively in Asian countries like India, Bangladesh and across the sub-continent. As well as through South America, and Africa.

Professor Thomas Borody, a Nobel prize-winning gastroenterologist from Australia, was an early proponent, and wrote some of the first papers on it. There have been well over a thousand legitimate studies confirming this. It is a very simple regime with medications which do not cost a lot.

Ivermectin + Doxycycline + Zinc

When interviewed in 2020 by former broadcaster Leighton Smith, Borody made the observation (stated by many doctors, specialists, scientists since then) that ALL the decisions made regarding covid-19 has been POLITICAL over good medical and scientific practice.

In this way, simple and effective treatment which could be managed by GPs was denied, and this is still the case today.

As recently as a week ago, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in America has DROPPED its opposition to ivermectin after a group of doctors threatened to take them to court over the issue.

The mRNA Therapy Called a Vaccination

This was called a vaccine, but it does NOT fulfil any of the criteria for being a vaccine.

It was called this to gain total indemnity for the manufacturer and suppliers, namely Pfizer, Astra Zeneca and others.

To summarize:

1. The jab did not stop people getting covid-19.

2. The jab did not prevent hospitalisation. More jabbed ended up with serious illness than the unjabbed.

3. It did not prevent or affect transmission in any way.

4. It was shown to have well of a hundred side-effects. Even in the first 70-day limited trial where Pfizer had to provide their figures for safety trials. This was initially embargoed for 75 years.

5. Many were serious, including myocarditis, auto-immune disease triggers, immune system compromise.

6. The above in turn have sequelae which lead to the aggressive nature of carcinomas, both pre-existing and newly diagnosed.

The most damning, and the most obvious smoking gun being ignored by governments and control bodies is:

The spike in excess deaths when the Jabbed cohort is compared to the Unjabbed.

This ranges from 15% to over 40%. These figures have been taken from deaths around the globe and in various Western countries and verified. They have been corroborated by insurance company statistics, who carry the most reliable data, since it affects their costing of premiums.

New Zealand in particular stands out here, and various commentators around the world have noted this.

The mortality increases as you go up the age brackets. The older the group, the higher that excess death number.

The roll-out of these mRNA injections, along with the extreme coercion tactics which the Labour Government and the Ministry of Health employed, has meant the significant rise in morbidity and death of those who voluntarily or were forced to take this injection.

We do know now that these mRNA injections are directly responsible for significant morbidity and mortality.

They have killed far more people than the covid-19 virus ever would have.

The lipid nanoparticles do NOT stay localised at the injection site but end up throughout the tissues and in end-organs. Of particular concern is concentration in the reproductive glands, the ovaries and the testes in people of reproductive age and younger.

The medications carry DNA fragment contaminants, and in particular from SV40 (simian virus 40) which is known to be carcinogenic and mutagenic in monkeys and humans. There are much higher concentrations of this in the subsequent booster shots, than in the initial roll-out of the Jabs.

The potential to hack the genome, or DNA of a recipient, has been shown from in vitro studies.

This aspect needs urgent study. All we get from regulating authorities and culpable governments is silence and coverup.

As one of the most recent examples, when asked by doctors and health professional in America for the data on myocarditis from the Centre for Disease Control (CDC), they were met with over 170 pages of material all redacted.

That can only mean it is of national security importance, or else they need to hide it.

All this information, which has been corroborated and verified numerous times, can be found on the New Zealand Doctors Speaking out on Science (NZDSOS) websites, and on the Australian equivalent Australian Medical Professionals Society (AMPS).

I have attended the large Melbourne conference of AMPS addressing the covid-19 scandal and debacle in September 2022 by Zoom link.

I attended in person the similar conference held by the NZDSOS in September 2023.

Whilst the conferences contained a lot of clinical evidence presented by doctors and allied professionals, there was also input from economists and lawyers.

For the purpose of this submission, I am keeping it brief, as there is a wealth of material behind the statements I have made.

These other matters I mention briefly, but their consequences are no lesser than what has just preceded.

– The use of quarantine and effective imprisonment of people arriving in New Zealand.

– The restricting and banning of New Zealand citizens and permanent residents from returning lawfully to their country.

– The restrictions placed on residents of Rest Homes and Private Hospitals, who were denied access to their relatives when gravely ill and dying.

– People losing jobs and livelihoods from the coercive practice of mandating a therapy, which had NO benefits, and was itself far more dangerous than the pathogen it was supposedly protecting people from.

– The practice of threatening, suspending, or striking off doctors that the Medical Council engaged in with many dissenting practitioners. And in such a fashion that was to directly contravene the Hippocratic Oath, that all medical practitioners in this country swear to at the start of their professional career.

That last-mentioned point is close to criminal behaviour by a regulating body.

The Covid Inquiry that the Labour Government set up is certainly not fit for purpose. It was designed to exonerate that administration and has many areas of exclusion.

Just to name one, the decision-making process of the Labour Government is not to be questioned. The leader of the commission has far too close a relationship with several of the key players here, and therefore impartiality is severely compromised.

A new Commission of Inquiry needs to be established.

The MOST URGENT action to happen right now is an immediate withdrawal of the mRNA jabs. This is still being promoted and pushed.

Submission from Ratilal Ranchhod MB ChB

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