Phillip, Chartered Accountant. Auckland, NZ.

Hello, thanks for the opportunity to share my story. I like to think I'm reasonably intelligent and was listening to numerous friends and family during the early days in the unprecedented pandemic. I was not comfortable at all with the lockdowns, degree of government control, hand-outs plus the mandated vaccine. We were told categorically by all government officials and hired consultants that the vaccine was safe. To listen to any alternative views was considered “anti vax” and conspiracy theory propaganda. Looking back, we were completely brainwashed by a government that many of us trusted to do the right thing. How wrong we were. Furthermore, we were pushed into a situation where to not take the vaccine was the equivalent to being treated like a lepper and discarded from society. In hindsight this is appalling treatment of citizens in our country. I'm a self-employed chartered accountant and was dealing with my client base who were in complete panic as many of their businesses were shut down. My elderly father lived in Australia and for the sake of my business and to hopefully see my father I took the first two vaccines. The second one made my left arm swell. Most of the feeling in my hand diminished and my left arm weakened to a point where I couldn't use it for lifting anything heavy which is still the case. Both my shoulders ached and still do. I'm certain the vaccine has caused an autoimmune inflammatory response in my body that is still present. I just haven't been able to function the same since taking the vaccination. At night my hands go numb and affect my sleep. I'm currently seeking ongoing medical advice for this issue. After the reaction from the second vaccination, I had completed some further research by which time it was obvious the vaccine was an “experimental drug”, was untested and not safe. I did not take any booster vaccination and as a result was hounded for quite some time by the government to comply. This occurred via email, txt's, and phone calls. We should all have been given a choice, and we were not. The covid investigation should be wide and fully cover all aspects, of what was the dark age for New Zealand and its citizens, to ensure this never happens again. Those responsible should be held to account.

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