Pauline, Support Worker. Nelson, NZ.

Hi. I researched throughly the Pizer website all 3and a half hours of reading, i realised what this JAB was! It was just a way to depopulate (Bill Gates) words! This JAB was never intended to protect anyone and from seeing the dead and dying around the world, Bill Gates is getting his wish!!I lost my job of 17 years because I chose not to line up for my death shot!! Sadly I lost my husband after he foolishly fell for all the bullshit coming at him from the TV and other media and reassurance he was doing the right thing by DR's, Chemists etc!! I watched him get sicker and thinner and I knew he was being killed by those very shots!! I am now left to bring up our family on my own and no one will step up with the courage to say “we the informed ” were right! Where is the accountability? Why did so many worldwide allow this to happen? How many lives, businesses, livelihoods and families worldwide have been torn apart?? How could a murdering puppet receive a damehood for mass murder!!! What a sick sad and inhumane way the people worldwide appear to be happy to become HUMAN LAB RATS?!!! I will NEVER have another jab and I hope there remains many like me who won't either!!! Please someone with the balls stop this MADNESS!!!

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