Patricia (82), Retired. Waikato, NZ.

I researched the Covid19 vaccination process and was very concerned that it had not been subjected to the trials that any other vaccine has to be subject to. I had many doubts about the vaccine and decided that I would not have the vaccination. As well, I had researched anti-virals and had found that some anti-virals had proved ineffective against the SARS virus. I am not generally against Vaccinations but in this case, I felt the rush to inflict unproven vaccinations on a whole population was totally inappropriate – which is another reason I decided that I would not have the vaccination.

From the beginning, I was called an ‘anti-vaxxer', which is totally untrue and this lie was perpetuated throughout the nation by the pro-vaccination people – I believe deliberately – to shame people into being vaccinated.

One night I collapsed on the ground and was hospitalised. After being tested I was told I had contracted Covid19 so I was immediately isolated and was offered an anti-viral. It was one that I had researched and which I knew had proved ineffective against Covid19, so I refused it. I was told if I did not have it,I would have to leave the hospital and was duly put out in the corridor and was told I would have to get someone who had been with me that day to pick me up as I could not go in a taxi seeing as I was infectious. It was around 11pm and I was still in my nightie. I am 82 years old and I felt this treatment was shocking. I have served on many panels and committees as a volunteer at the hospital over many years and to be humiliated like this, especially as I was feeling so ill, was shocking.

A few months later, I was again admitted to the hospital with a T.I.A. When one of the doctors found I had not had the vaccination, (I did not have Covid19), I was treated with scorn and told I had to go home even though I was still somewhat paralysed and quite ill. I had been told by an earlier doctor who had seen me that I would be in for several days and would received physiotherapy to get my paralysed limbs working again. My daughter, who is a nurse, insisted that I was not well enough to go home and asked that I be kept in longer. I was allowed to stay one more night but did not receive any nursing staff attention at all during this extra time although an assistant brought me meals. Next morning , I was told at 7am that when I had had breakfast, I would be discharged as they needed my bed. I was again put out in the corridor.

I did file a formal complaint and the hospital issued me with a formal apology and said that what had happened to me would not happen to anyone else. I know that the reason I was treated as I was on both these occasions was because I had not been vaccinated.

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