Oxana (51), Engineer. Auckland, NZ.

Both our children's education was affected:

– younger daughter (17) was not able to finish the last school year 13

– elder daughter (20) could not start her music study at Otago University, she could not study her chosen subjects even remotely!

My study at polyptych was affected- i was not allowed to participate in some practical exercises.

Our daughter (20) who had severe allergies (was previously hospitalized) was not getting en exemption from the experimental treatment. We had few very long discussions with the local GP – he was insistent that everybody should have it.

Both children were depressed.

Our young daughter has lost a friend, 18 year old boy, who has died 2 days after injection. She was not eating /sleeping for one months. We went though hell. I would not be able to imagine the hell of his parents.

Our dentist, who we knew for 6 years, has died “suddenly”.

One of our elderly friend was very sick after first jab. He was multiple times in hospital. One doctor has confirmed that it was jab injury. The GP was still telling him he should get another one.

Another elderly friend of us was sick after second jab. She visited her GP 2 times within a few days. She was sent home with Paracetamol, next day she was dead.

It still blows our mind the deception of the people in white coats, who we should trust. I know they knew, what we knew. I know that for sure.

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