Noeline (65), Retired. Canterbury, NZ.

1) Lockdowns

I found the lockdown rules extremely unfair and unjust, and unnecessary. As a vaccine free person, I could not attend my Line dancing class, a sport I have been passionate about for 25 years, even though I was completely healthy, and would not have attended if I wasn't. This meant a loss of fitness, mental well being and social contact with my many friends there, for 2 years.

And yet politician David Clarke flouted the rules by driving and mountain biking out country, and Siouxie Wiles was out swimming at the beach with a friend!!! Politicians refused to look at data from other countries which showed that lockdowns weren't working, and yet continued to make this a thing here.

My husband and I were shut out of our family Christmas, which meant we missed out on seeing the joy on the faces of our grandchildren at this exciting time of the year and were not allowed to attend the funeral of a loved one, which has left us with a sad feeling of lack of closure, and not being able to say goodbye.

I watched in horror as the Human Rights of New Zealanders was ignored, and I was very distressed to see people forced to take an experimental vaccine or lose their jobs, houses and businesses. Everyone must have the choice of not taking an experimental medical procedure, and yet to see thousands of people forced into the position of being vaccinated to survive, had a profound effect on me, causing anxiety and sadness.

2) Health

a) Because my husband and I decided not to be vaccinated, I searched for other means to keep us well and out of hospital if we did catch Covid. I imported some Ivermectin after reading positive research about this and other supplements which would help with infection. It arrived at the border, and I was sent Medsafes' paperwork to take to my GP. She signed this, agreeing to advise me on its use when needed, and the paperwork was sent back to Medsafe so that the medicine would be released from the border.

However, the GP sent me a text 2 days later, to say she had thought about this and would not be able to agree to help with Ivermectin. I wonder who told her that she couldn't be involved with Ivermectin? When I emailed Medsafe to request they send me the perfectly safe medicine which would help me, they said I had imported a prohibited drug. So why did they send me the paperwork in the first place? This cost me over $300 in cost of the medicine, and a doctor's visit.

I felt distrustful of Medsafe, and doctors, who obviously had only one narrative to follow in the treatment of this illness, and who could not do the research to conclude there were other measures that could be taken, other than a vaccine which had no safety record, and was increasingly reported to be not effective.

b) I needed to see the skin clinic nurse at Barrington Medical Center to have some concerning moles checked out. The consultation had to be carried out in the car park as I was unvaccinated. I had to lift my shirt in front of people in the car park. I was completely healthy at the time. I felt embarrassed, and that there was no need for this situation to be carried out. I found it disgraceful of any medical institution to go to these measures, of treating a healthy person as a leper.

3) The good things:

I have learnt that the mainstream media is not to be trusted, especially when they are paid $55 million to report the narrative from the Government, and to ridicule anyone else who has important information that should be given out to the people who pay them.

I find my news on a variety of platforms and continually check for factual information now.

I have woken up and am taking responsibility for my own health so I won't be treated badly or locked out of mainstream medicine again.

I have found a community which has similar values to me and are free minded, caring, loving and intelligent.

I have learnt about Big Pharma, Big Food, the Military industrial complex and am making my own mind up about what drugs I take and what food I eat. I have learnt to be more self-sufficient.

The lessons you should we learn from your experiences so we can be as prepared as possible for a future pandemic:

1) Do not run roughshod over peoples Human Rights. Especially when it comes to experimental medicines with no safety record. Look at alternative medicines, learn from what is happening in other countries.

2) Truth and the Media. Report the truth. Keep media independent of political influence. Encourage investigative journalism again.

3) Do not let Big Pharma or the WHO run our country. The WHO is the most dangerous organisation, wanting to rule the world with their strategies. One rule does not fit all. Remain independent, and be resourceful, being able to access ideas from all quarters. Be independent and flexible in your approach to any other pandemic.

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