Nick (62). Auckland, NZ.

In late 2019 the world was hit via the media of a mystery pandemic which originated from wet markets in Wuhan China. It was labeled a Corona Virus which was making people extremely sick and dying. The media around the world( almost in lockstep) were ramping up the scary stats showing bodies lying in the streets, being tended to from people in hazmat suits. Massive convoys of specialized trucks roamed the streets spraying, we presume, to kill the virus.

Jacinda Ardern started spouting, from what would become the podium of truth, the covid rhetoric with modellers advising NZ could expect up to 80,000 deaths. With no cases or deaths in NZ, now would have been an opportunistic period for our health professionals to encourage the public to review their diet, weight and fitness. Eat well and increase the input of vitamin C, D, zinc etc.

I found the early vilification of existing medicines Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine to be rather strange! Ivermectin is one of very few meds that has won a Nobel medicine prize which has passed many million doses across the world with no deaths and very few side effects… truly Safe and Effective. It was known to have amazing results against biological and parasitic infection, plus it was readily available and very cheap. Jacinda Ardern's govt banned it, calling Ivermectin a horse de wormer. Also, there was cancelling of the antibody test so people could not find out if they had a natural immunity to the virus.

Finally, the virus, now called Covid 19, entered our country and the testing phase began. The podium of truth kept us all updated in case numbers using a PCR test. The test was invented to be used at 25 cycles but for testing purposes was ramped up to 45 cycles giving many false positives which equated to the fear porn news broadcast we received daily.

Something was amiss, what became of the seasonal flu which came in new strains every year and a vaccine was available for those who wanted it NOT mandated. The early deaths attributed to Covid seemed to be the elderly and immunocompromised people remarkably similar numbers to our natural flu virus every year.

Lockdowns at first were deemed responsible as all countries were doing it and Media worldwide were spouting the same message word for word! As I am self employed my income ceased and I only took 1 resurgent payment so struggled through lockdown.

When Auckland region went into it extended lockdown, I had to work in Whangarei so I signed up for saliva testing 3x a week to show at the border crossing Nth of Te Hana, as well as applying to MBIE to get a travel pass etc. I continued with the Saliva testing 3x a week as proof of my negative status.

When the mandating of the Covid jab came in I refused under medical grounds as I have a lifelong blood clotting issues which I take daily thinners for and must test my Blood clotting factor regularly to stay at a safe level. I applied for an Exemption as advised by a doctor , but as we know none were given, even thou we now find out that 11500 exemptions were given out!

I was mandated out of work for over 8mths until mandates were dropped. I could prove from my regular Saliva testing my negative status. I worked at night installing Data cables in Warehouses where there was a skeleton staff on doing night fill and nowhere in my vicinity 8m up in the air working from a scissor hoist. Their Health and Safety risk analysis , which was compiled using so called experts Work Safe and Rod Jacksons input. They said no jab , then I was a risk, even thou I could produce a recent negative Covid Saliva test. As we now know the Covid jab DID not stop catching or transmitting the virus. In fact, it now becomes known that the vaccinated continue to get the virus more and more, where the unvaccinated do not catch it. It seems the vaccinated have an incredibly low immune system which gets worse after each booster. Remember the repeated calls of SAFE and EFFECTIVE from our media and leaders verbatim. The worse is yet to come as M.O.H. numbers showing excess deaths have risen dramatically in the vaccinated compared to unvaccinated. We closed our borders to returning Kiwis, who wanted to give birth in their own country or to see dying loved ones. But DJs and kids band the Wiggles were allowed in.

This Royal Commission needs to be impartial and have NO conflicts of interest, hence the two existing commissioner's Blakley and Whitehead need to be replaced as they don't fit these criteria .The Terms of Reference need to be broadened to cover at least SAFETY and the vax injured. Also, the way in which the New Zealand Bill of Rights (NZBORA) was trampled all over, about OUR body integrity and OUR right to decline medical intervention. Lastly we need to find out why readily available CHEAP and effective drugs like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine were never tried before the Covid Vaccine arrived in NZ and in fact made not available for medication to anyone.

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