Moretaturupa (52), Was Ahealthcare Manager. Gisborne, NZ.

I am struggling with physical ailments and injuries which i feel derived from the vaccine and my health conditions which never been truely identified but by a general assessment brush of common factors ive been put in because of my age, weight height race and social demographic. So following these presumptions they dose me up on medications that had adverse effects on my physical mental spiritual and emotional state, then to add a vax into my system that i feel dramatically stuffed up my body and mind.. i hav paralysis in parts of my body, my motorisation skills freeze up,like cant stand up or walk, then to mention my balance is not too good as well. I now have bowel and stomach issues causing constipation or diaroeah. Somehow i have become very sensitive to some foods. Overall it is not a good way to live and be affected for 4years. I have recieved my kiwisaver and now i am trying to pursue a ACC treatment misadventure but have met resistance and stalling and a continuation of blaming me. This is a crap state to be in.

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