Monique, Counsellor. Canterbury, NZ.

Is this a Case of the Emperor's New Clothes?

My opinion piece written and published on Linked In 8th December 2021.

The personal approach to health which has held me in good stead is to go to health professionals to discuss my health when I need to. I therefore declined vaccination on the basis of good health and personal philosophy regarding allowing my natural immunity to have a go without medical intervention.

I have signed a non resuscitation order with my GP and requested that my family allow me to remain at home without medical intervention should I become terminally unwell from Covid. I have done this out of respect for the NZ government's argument that unvaccinated people clog up/will clog up intensive care beds as NZ only has 4 intensive care beds per head of population.

As an unvaccinated person, I am unable to work or otherwise continue to be involved in civic life. I therefore have time on my hands to synthesise my understanding of Covid.

What is covid? It is a type of SaRs, an endemic family of human viruses responsible for most of the influenzas that people get. People who live in seasonally colder climates, who have underlying health conditions or are otherwise immune compromised can become very unwell and die. Globally though if the information on sites such as Worldometer are correct, 98% of people affected by the Covid type of SaRs make a full recovery.

Transmission: The vaccination does not change a person's ability to get the virus, be asymptomatic or pass it on. Research suggests that if an unvaccinated person in a colder climate/and immune compromised gets Covid they may end up in hospital. Most people think vaccination is a good idea as a way to stay safe from endemic diseases. Other hardy individuals prefer to allow their own immunity to manage. Either way MSM tell us it is coming for ya so get really scared.

I suggest that an unvaccinated person who is in a colder climate and immune compromised is at greater risk to themselves than an unvaccinated person in a warmer climate with high humidity. Do they pose a greater risk to others because the powers that be suggest they will have a higher viral load? I am not a statistician but my reading indicates that the covid transmission is no worse in unvaccinated countries compared to vaccinated countries. Death rate depending on how a country determines cause of death is averaged at 2% globally. I hope that I am not a SaRs/Covid death statistic and RIP to those souls.


A business associate I admire noted that NZ has borrowed $27 000 per head of population to enable NZ to get through this pandemic.

27 000 x 5.2 million + 140 000 000, (140 billion NZD).

Again I am not a doctor, a hospital builder or a statistican who computes odds and predicts outcomes. However would investing in this country's long term health and wellbeing by establishing more intensive care facilities cost $140 000 000 000? Side effects of the vaccine occur and increasing debt due to marketing booster jabs to prevent the minimal risk of dying or getting Long Covid/other ongoing long term health issues needs rigorous public discussion in my opinion. Statisticans and politicians are not medical professionals and so therefore would you go to a hair stylist for a lobotomy?

I wish to say sorry to my younger family members who are not only saddled with climate issues but also a massive debt not of their own making.

In conclusion I only have two questions.

1. How much money has the NZ government borrowed to get us through this pandemic?

2. What has been the collateral damage to this country by enforcing a 90% vaccination rate through Lockdowns, exclusion of unvaccinated people, and manates?

Final Comments regarding double standards:

How can the revision to the Mental Health Act be described as an inclusive consultation when government bodies associated with health have active segregation policies?

What of the Nuremberg Code, the Hippocratic Oath and the NZ Bill of Rights?

Stay safe from Moronic oops I mean Omicron and all the best for the holiday season.

Post Script 29/3/24:

I have been following the work of a number of scientists through Dr Sam Bailey's channel amongst others. I have also listened to every episode of the Corona Investigative Committee.

In these and other forums too many to mention, compelling evidence has been presented to suggest that climate change, viruses, (all of them AIDS, Dengue, Spanish flu, Covid, etc etc), vaccination are all hogwash and a means for generating false economy, creating fear and controlling people and to keep United Nations/WEF feeling useful. In the interests of avoiding brain rot, I no longer listen to MSM.

Prior to the mandates, I trusted in the integrity of our government. MSM and other institutions in this country and beyond ….

The evidence I have read suggests that wellness and long term sustainability can be achieved by being kinder to the earth/Papatuanuku, respecting ecosystems, giving up gratuitous violence, fluoride in drinking water, sexual abuse, belief in viruses and vaccination and other harmful practices and wave bye bye to the institutions who consider themselves to have a superior idea of how life should be lived.

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