Moana (63), Prior Vocation Educator. Waikato, NZ.

My prior C19 profession post mandated vaccines enabled my employer to move on staff if you thought contrary to what was being implemented by the government of that time. Furthermore there was no compassion causing an already terrible time into a very intense period resulting in my employment ending after 14 years.

Why, because I booked a flight prior to second round of lockdowns and travel timeframes to support my 84 year old mother who lives alone in the South Island. I stayed at my mothers home, as the hospital had a no visitor policy in place. My mother got discharged twice into my care, so as to clear space for Covid patients. Whilst at home in my care my mother had further bouts of breathlessness where I felt hopeless only to pray for her as I believed she couldn't possibly hang on until the ambulance arrived, on all occasions of which there were three in total. The call came on the third occasion from the hospital specialist stating, they were at a loss to provide expert help needed and that they would be sending my mother on a helicopter to Dunedin Virologist ward. I drove and stayed in Dunedin where my mother spent several days in Virologist ward. A one support person only policy allowed me to visit her daily.

I had engaged my union representative about the employee/employer breakdown. After explaining circumstances he felt because I had my tools to work from home with me, like the first lockdown, essentially it would be business as usual. Not the case my employer responded with a letter stating that they did not agree with my relocation to support my mother and put me on leave without pay for six weeks, also stipulating a date they wanted me to return whereby a mediated process ensued.

Silver lining in this instance, my mother is still alive, It could have been very different outcome and if she was to leave this world, further impacting negatively her family as my younger sister lives in Perth. We have also experienced losing family members through those times where you where restricting from attending tangihanga of loved ones.

Introduction of Traffic light system seen me going to Disputes Tribunal. I had paid up front for a package of beauty treatments. Cancel culture and discrimination on unvaccinated. I was told that my money would not be refunded and I would need to wait for change to green lights, then in December I got a email stating that the unused portion of package was about to expire. A further request for refund of remaining monies, and after a further unsatisfactory conversation. I felt to lodge with Disputes Tribunal. Silver lining being an extension of time was the outcome.

I have been traumatised both personally and financially over the three years of regulated mandated nonsense. Impacted negatively physically, mentally and spiritually. Silver lining is having faith that the fight is real and when you get kicked in the guts for human rights. You stand up and go again and again and again.

Whawhai tonu mate!!!

A fair process would be to start with all new commissioners being appointed with unbiased preferences, including all current appointed staff Vaccine efficacy and safety should not be ignored. Human rights abuses must never be allowed to happen again. I am in full support of the peoples terms of reference.

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