Michael (87), Retired. Wellington, NZ.

Soon after receiving my Covid vaccine does in August 2021, September 2021 and February 2022 four changes affecting my health became evident. In between second and third Covid -19 jabs, my doctor discovered that I was suffering from an irregular heartbeat. I was fairly breathless and sapped of energy whenever I exerted myself. My doctor nevertheless treated it as a serious heart failure. Due to his prompt action, with the right medication, my heart is functioning reasonably well these days.

After the 1st Covid-19 booster shot, in February 2022 another ill-effect was noticeable loss of blood circulation in my fingers and toes in addition to sudden on set of swollen feet and ankles. Particularly during the following winter, my hands and feet were often cold and were a purple colour. First time in my life, I developed painful chilblains on my toes. The winter of 2023 continued to have its miserable moments for me. For this reason, I am not looking forward to the winter months to come. Another new problem has been a constant nose drip. This occurs as soon as I get up in the morning and start moving around even though I have not had a cold. For this my doctor has prescribed a nasal spray. Although this controls the drip to certain extent, it continues to be a real nuisance.

I have reported these ill-effects as adverse Covid side-effects to MedSafe for their information. I have heard nothing from them in reply, which is no surprise considering their track records since the Covid-19 vaccine rollout.

These health set-backs are most likely the result of my COVID inoculations because they appeared for the first time in my life during the period I was having them. It is especially significant that these ill-effects appeared more or less together co-incidentally with the three jabs. As a consequence of this experience I have decided not to have any more COVID inoculations. And to be on the side side I am declining to have any more vaccinations of any sort from now on as well.

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