Merryn (40s), Teacher (Preschool). West Coast, NZ.

I was made redundant from a cafe job, because the cafe could barely operate due to no tourism industry.

My whole town was badly affected, as tourism is normally a main source of income and employment.

I tried to warn others about adverse effects of the vaccines, but was shadow banned by Facebook, meaning even unrelated posts would not be seen by others. This still occurs if I post anything truth-orientated and is a very isolating experience. I don't doubt that Facebook would've been asked to do this by the NZ Government.

I was also repeatedly blocked from commenting on NZ Herald articles on Facebook, simply for expressing views contrary to the narrative (I was never rude or abusive). I created multiple Facebook accounts, simply to try and express my views, but was very quickly blocked from commenting each time. This is the kind of thing you'd expect under a totalitarian regime, not in modern day New Zealand!

I had a really unpleasant experience on a plane when I refused to wear a mask. At that time, there were 0 covid cases in my town so it was completely nonsensical that I should be required to wear a mask. My personal details were taken and reported (deceptively, without my consent) and I was prevented from being able to do online check-in for my return flight. At the airport I was told that rules in the air meant I had to do what I was told. I had to agree to wear a mask on my return flight. The experience was really stressful and unpleasant.

I was prevented from working as a preschool teacher while the mandates were in place. I might have been able to get an exemption but the Royal College of GPs directed GPs not to issue them, contrary to the Order. MANY others were affected by this, and ended up getting vaccinated because they couldn't get an exemption (when they should have been able to).

I knew the mandates would be temporary, and I was extremely fortunate in being able to support myself financially during this time (using my savings), as I had no income. Others were not so lucky, and were forced to get vaccinated so they could provide for themselves and their families.

As soon as the mandates were dropped, I was able to be employed at preschool again. During the time I wasn't working, no-one from my work contacted me at all. One of my vaccinated co-workers had at least 2 miscarriages during 2021/2022.

I know of many instances of people being damaged by the covid vaccines, and an uncle of mine died “suddenly”. I reported this and the sudden death of a young man (early 20s, in his sleep) to NZDSOS.

The worst aspect of the covid whole experience for me has been the feeling of social isolation. I was judged by others for not being vaccinated and not wearing a mask (my choices were selfish, apparently). I felt unwelcome to visit my friend because it was clear she disapproved of my choices and was fearful about her asthmatic daughter. I felt unable to talk openly with others about the covid response because people were so brainwashed and I didn't want to be judged and labelled a conspiracy theorist. All of this has been more unpleasant and isolating that the lockdowns, and continues today. The reason for all of this is the exceptional job that governments around the world have done to brainwash the general public, including by controlling both traditional and social media, and by using other means of manipulation to prevent doctors and other health professionals speaking out.

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