Margaret (75), Diversionary Therapist In Healthcare. Canterbury, NZ.

My freedom was impacted by closing our churches. I was unable to receive holy communion which is vital food for my spirituality and beliefs. Our family freedoms were impacted and caused division on the verge of family collapse because we wouldn't have the experimental vax and then the humiliation having to sit in my car and wait out the back carpark because my medical team refused me access to the public waiting room because I wouldn't take the vax so therefore was seen in a backroom of the practice. Because of my refusal I lost my position as diversional therapist at the resthome which greatly impacted me financially at the time. I was denied access to my hairdresser and beauty clinic and dining out at restaurants and continued to be isolated at church as could not attend the main masses. I and my daughter needed a pass to get into our own church. Quite unbelievable Really. Communism at its best . Never thought I would experience communism in New Zealand the land of freedom and democracy.

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