Lisa, Nomad. Northland, NZ.

As a former nurse, health practitioner, researcher, tertiary educated political scientist/industrial relations specialist and free thinking proponent of non-allopathic modalities, I am extremely knowledgeable, highly educated and extensively experienced in health, business, law and politics.

In January 2020 I decided to spend a couple of years exploring and house sitting around New Zealand, so I organised it all according to plan and arrived at Auckland airport three hours before the fascist dictator Jacinda Ardern (henceforth ‘the fascist') implemented the lock step ‘pandemic measures' discussed and agreed upon during Event 201 (October 2019), commonly referred to (by we the socio-political researchers who are not funded, gagged and/or brainwashed by the pharma-big ag-military-industrial-media complex), as ‘the next step in their agenda'. We all knew ‘this' was coming years (even decades) preceding 2020; it was just a matter of when.

I had arranged nine months of house sits all over the country, but the faith I had that the majority of Kiwis would see through the ruse and refuse to go along with the unlawful, unscientific, undemocratic and unconscionable demands of ‘the fascist', sadly and quickly dissolved as my house sits were all cancelled and 90% of Kiwis blindly and fearfully took ‘the fascist's' Event 201 prescribed bait hook, line and sinker, as planned. I decided buying a van and converting it (as I had been made essentially homeless), was my only option for riding out the mass insanity that ensued.

I had the incredible luck of having one friend (an elderly woman who lived rurally) who could take me in and I drove to her three days after arriving. I'd watched the streets of Auckland empty and I panicked that I wouldn't find a van in time to get out of the city. Thankfully I did and I arrived at the farm hours later. I immediately started converting my van to be a self contained vehicle.

I laughed when the supermarkets suddenly demanded customers wear gloves and I did not consent to wearing them. I refused to enter and give my money to any business who started contact tracing. I was stunned seeing fools in double canister gas masks, beekeepers suits and dishwashing gloves picking out their fruit and veg at Countdown (pre mask mandates). I felt like a leper when people out walking their dog in the country would cross the road to avoid me (as instructed), or neighbours refused to enter the property (as instructed). Knowing the mandates were simply that (a directive/contract offer, NOT a law), and knowing that an in-silico (aka computer generated genetic sequence) ‘viral model', obtained after taking a lung fluid sample (bronchial lavage) from a single patient in China (with symptoms of pneumonia), blending it with animal cells, antibiotics, antifungals, chemicals (ie contaminants, pollutants and foreign materials), and claiming that a purified sample of a virus (ie Sars-Cov-II) had been isolated (when NO such event EVER occurred), then fraudulently announcing ‘a deadly virus has been found that kills grandma'; knowing those truths and seeing right through the lies was, for me, terrifying and empowering, A brilliantly marketed campaign that saw the greatest wealth transfer in history was unfolding in front of my eyes and all I could do was wish Kiwis would (en masse) also wake up to it.

Falsely and fraudulently stating ‘vaccine' safety and efficacy, selling and forcing use of pcr/RAT test kits to ‘prove infection' (in direct opposition to the claims of the man who invented the pcr test) were yet more disgraceful moments in New Zealand's history that I will never forget.

When injections were announced as the coming of New Zealand's COVID saviour and then mandated for border workers I actually cried. I realised that men and women who may not wish to receive an untested injectable product would lose their job and their livelihood if they said ‘no', had all been backed into a corner. No injection – no money for food, rent, mortgage, fuel, clothes etc etc etc. When seeing thousands of Maoris line up for an injection, I was dumbfounded – surely THEY knew not to trust that their government had their best interests at heart? Apparently not. Genocide isn't real if you've been told to go to the gas chamber by your (government funded) brethren, it would appear. Seeing children line up for their injections caused me the greatest pain of all and I was angry beyond belief – forcing a game of Russian roulette (through an injection with unknown consequences) upon a minor is tantamount to murder.

I realise I am more learned than most, but I really didn't believe so many Kiwis were as ignorant and spineless and disempowered as they proved to be over the next two years. Personally, (because I knew there was NO VIRUS EVER ISOLATED), I refused to comply. No mask, no gloves, no social distancing, no pcr test, no ‘stay at home' orders followed, no injections of toxic substances. All this while travelling extensively throughout this incredible country in my newly converted van for 18 months. Lucky me!

I set about trying to alleviate the mass hysteria gripping Kiwis through their televisions and radios in small ways – eg by holding my ground when men and women employed by businesses tried to refuse me entry for not wearing a mask. Kiwis who saw me unmasked yet roaming freely were more often genuinely interested in discovering that wearing a mask was in fact a choice (and not ‘the law'), however ‘the fascist' (through the media) had brilliantly indoctrinated many and there were several times I was driven to argue – with one security guard, one organic supermarket manager and one petrol station attendant, all who eventually buckled and stepped down from their falsely assumed authority over me to refuse me entry/service and/or take my cash instead of a plastic card. Interestingly, one supermarket chain produced stickers – ‘be kind, I'm exempt', that I'd stick to my chest (not unlike the stars Jews were forced to pin to their chests) and present when approached by strangers wishing to remind me (of their false belief) that I was ‘breaking ‘the law” by not wearing a piece of cloth on my face. Thankfully, I had a government issued ‘exemption card' that I carried, ‘just in case'. Thankfully, I had a medical certificate (provided by a sympathetic Dr who also knew (as all Drs and nurses SHOULD know) that wearing a mask will not only NOT stop transfer of microscopic particulates, but if worn longer than ‘briefly' will result in a slew of negative health effects, including hypoxia – a potentially dangerous and damaging condition. Thankfully I had a ‘vaccine exemption' medical certificate (from one Dr) and an exemption letter (from another), as back up should I ever encounter a mentally retarded mignon merely following unlawful orders, trying to stop me living my life as I choose (ie a life where I am bound to ‘do no harm' and to treat others as I wish to be treated myself).

During my travels (roaming freely all over the islands sans millions of tourists!) I had no problems finding empty freedom camps, desolate beaches, next to no traffic on the roads, near empty tourist venues (eg Mildford sound) and sparsely populated DOC sites. I'm not interested in attending ‘concerts', ‘bars' or venues that require my personal data delivered via a computer ‘app', so I was unaffected by this potentially socially isolating practise. I'd discovered hundreds of New Zealanders who were saying ‘no' and refusing to conform to the demands of ‘the fascist' – what a relief.

As time passed, more and more Kiwis started travelling further afield and the difference between the people I talked with when I first set out, to those I befriended ‘later on' was telling. Gone were the frightened ‘Jacinda is helping save us from a deadly pandemic' bleatings of the brainwashed. People seemed to have spent the time (time they'd consented to being unlawfully locked up) to actually do their own research (despite ‘the fascist' bluntly stating that she (her political party and its well paid affiliates and shills), was the ONLY source of truth and to trust ‘The Science'). I was witnessing a change in the attitudes and beliefs of these men and women. People from all walks of life were beginning to comprehend that they'd been duped. Discovering just how thickly and intricately the web of deception has been woven is a traumatic experience, and Kiwis actively started searching for fellow Kiwis who were (at some level) also ‘in the know'. To say I felt pride for these clever Kiwis is an understatement but it's the one word that comes close to describing the relief and hope and courage I felt that ‘all was not yet lost' in New Zealand.

Many Kiwis were seeing the pieces of the jigsaw come in to view and start to fall into place – fake news, fake pandemic, subsumption (fraudulent theft) of farm land (the next ‘agenda item') under the guise of ‘the green revolution'/'climate change'/'the environment', theft of water, 5G infrastructure put in place during lockdowns, 15 minute cities, decimation of small business, complete and utter social control – ‘you will own nothing and be happy'; a fascist dictator's dream come true. But Kiwis were finally waking up.

Despite meeting thousands of amazing Kiwis (who I really do believe are the only thing stopping this agenda being realised), I flew out as soon as ‘injection/quarantine free' borders opened offshore. I loved my two years (2020-2022) in NZ and I made solid, life long friendships thanks to ‘the fascist', and if it weren't so cold, I probably would have stayed.

Trying to explain the futility of ‘preparedness' to any person who believes in the fraud perpetrated (aka the COVID pandemic business model) is a task that requires the dissolution of their entrenched belief systems; beliefs that have been drummed in to their unsuspecting minds by the talking heads (eg prime ministers, health ministers, police chiefs, ‘experts', news readers, talk show hosts etc), all employed by media controllers whose vested interests, investments and bank balances deem them to be necessary players in announcing and perpetuating the myths, dogma, conspiracies, slander, lies, The Science, plans etc; utilising tried and true 24/7 media coverage to instil blind fear, desensitise empathy and repeat generalised nonsenses such as – ‘wearing a mask saves lives' (and prevents the dispersal of micro organisms from one object to another); pcr tests prove infection by a ‘virus' (or any other compound on earth that contains a splice of DNA); standing in an elevator facing the wall will stop the transmission of microscopic particles from one object to another; bathing your hands in chemicals at the supermarket will stop people getting sick; swimming at a beach will cause the death of an elderly woman in a nursing home; standing 1.82 metres away from another person will prevent that person from breathing in microscopic particulates that have emanated from your body, thus preventing their death; politicians/police officers/spokespersons/scientists/Doctors etc don't lie; there has been a virus isolated (outside of one produced by a computer program); staying in a room/house with windows and doors shut prevents microscopic particulates from exiting that space and therefore saves the life of a person walking their dog past said space; covering a newborn baby's face will not cause trauma and damage to its health, growth and intellectual/social development; injecting a human with a cocktail of toxic chemicals is safe and effective/prevents death/prevents illness/prevents severity of illness/prevents illness in others/keeps grandma safe from death; swabbing your nose (by shoving a cue tip so hard and so far up the nasal passage that it causes blunt force trauma) and rubbing it on a test strip deemed unsuitable for ‘viral testing' will prove whether or not you have a ‘virus'; if you are feeling well, you are actually sick; if you do not comply with an order that seems absurd (every way you look at it), you are a murderer; it is important to inject children (who have no say in the matter) with toxic brews in order to ‘get back to normal'; the ‘new normal' is something positive to be embraced; sitting/standing behind a piece of hard plastic saves lives; using a credit card (as opposed to cash) saves lives; if you cough/sneeze/feel a temperature you most likely have COVID (as per ‘The Science'); be afraid; be ok with a system that allows freedom of movement for people who have been injected with a toxic brew of proprietary ingredients and the incarceration/economic destruction/bullying/social outcasting etc of those who don't; it's virtuous (and you will save lives) to advertise your private medical choices to the ‘general public'; you not only won't be allowed entry to most registered businesses if you don't disclose your private health decisions, you won't be allowed entry until you allow toxic substances into your body and get yourself a QR code to prove it.

The COVID fraud runs deep and the lockstep roll out of it across earth has been the one of the most obvious attempts to gain absolute control of the entire population by the fraudsters perpetrating the atrocities in my lifetime. But, it didn't quite make it. People across the globe (whom I've met since 2023 – thousands in New Zealand, Australia, Africa, Central America, Indonesia and the US) are ALL fully aware of what is REALLY going on and are now fully prepared for whatever ‘future pandemic' nonsense onslaught is attempted by the fraudsters, liars, perpetrators, murderers and order followers who parade as ‘leaders or followers in government/health/education/military/science/media/justice' etc.

The millions of doctors, scientists, nurses, politicians, religious heads, public servants, business owners, farmers, employers, employees, men and women who have realised and spoken out about this latest great fraud, simply cannot be silenced by underhanded censorship, sackings, fines, imprisonment, internet breakdown, social credit systems, digital currencies and/or pathetic attempts to undermine their courage, and (hilariously and righteously), attempts to do so have only caused more people to not only wake up to the truth of what is really going on, but to join the already solid, loving networks and communities spurred into action by the events (that followed Event 201) of 2020-2023.

There are no ‘future pandemic measures' that will ever stop these communities growing, short of murdering each and every one within them. These people have (for the most part) chosen not to be injected with toxic substances under ‘fascist public health directives', and of those who did go along with ‘the agenda's recipe' (ie who are still alive after the COVID injections), there is an ever increasing number of people who have turned their attention away from the media/government/system. Mothers of still born babies, wives of fit and healthy men who died suddenly from ‘a heart attack', fathers of children who died of ‘aneurisms', daughters who are now watching their loved ones die ungracefully from ‘super cancers', men, women and children who've been personally effected by ‘vaccine injury' are in their millions and there is NOTHING that can be done to convince any of them that – wearing a mask, staying home, or getting an injection will help anyone apart from those who stand to profit from it (and by the way, it isn't grandma) – the pharmaceutical industry, the mask/glove manufacturers, the online monopolies (eg Amazon), big business (eg Countdown, NZ government, NZ courts), in fact each and every company listed in the WEF Agenda 2030 business plan, most of whom can be easily traced through its website. In fact, if the wo/men employed by the ‘NZ Royal Commission into COVID-19 lessons learned' wish to learn how to better prepare for ‘the next pandemic', they merely need to follow the show notes of the ‘new world order's' movers and shakers – WHO's PRET initiative for pandemic preparedness, the Pandemic Preparedness conference in 2023, the World Resiliancy Summit, ‘cyber attacks' (thereby ensuring no services requiring grid connected power to function) etc etc etc… If the men and women of the Commission really wish to know what's planned for them, all they need to do is research it. If these same people wish to ‘do things better' in relation to whatever (fraudulent) virus related claims/mandates/directives/lies are launched upon the Kiwi population in the future, I encourage them all to join the hoards of lawful dissenters and just say ‘no' to any man or woman claiming to have authority over their lawful right to bodily autonomy, personal choices and life.

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