Kevin, Embodiment Coach, Wholefood Chef/Tutor. Auckland, NZ.

I am a 53 yr old New Zealand with a wife and two children, who returned home to New Zealand from London UK in December 2020, in the midst of the pandemic.

We witnessed the response of the New Zealand government to the pandemic, which initially encouraged a unified response from the ‘team of 5 million;' then sowed seeds of discord and division through its introduction of vaccine mandates which had significant consequences, creating a division in society which lives on today.

In the midst of the pandemic, I had surgery to remove cancerous lymph nodes in my abdomen, a legacy of testicular cancer I had been diagnosed with and operated on for in London, in 2018.

As I was still under observation by the Auckland Hospital Oncology team, it was in my interests to delve further into the safety and effiicacy of the mRNA vaccine which was being distributed, or one could say ‘enforced.' I had been hearing and reading of concerning trends amongst cancer patients, including those in remission suffering from reoccurrences of cancer soon after receiving vaccinations.

With a minimal amount of personal research (through WHO) I was able to locate the original Pfizer testing reports which revealed that (unsurprisingly) there had not been ANY research conducted on the safety or efficacy of the new mRNA vaccine for cancer patients. Unsurprisingly, given that the timeframe of the vaccines introduction meant it would not have been possible for this research to have been carried out prior to its widespread global introduction.

For this reason alone, I was extremely reluctant to have the vaccine, and did not do so. When I brought the information I had found to my Oncology team, their answer was simply that ‘vaccination was (universally) recommended for patients undergoing treatment for cancer.' On what basis, they were unable to say. The widespread narrative was that vaccination was recommended for immuno-compromised people – though there is now evidence that the mRNA vaccine appeared to detrimentally impact the immune system, affecting T-cells, which are part of our first line of defence against cancer.

The introduction of mandates in the Education sector had a huge impact at my daughters school, the independent Rudolf Steiner School in Titirangi. It led to the departure of around 18 staff members, many of whom were stalwarts of the school, and many hugely respected and competent teachers were forced to leave the school. The division occurring throughout the country was mirrored in the school staff and parent body, with debates around mandates extremely charged and polarised. There were those that were aligned with the government narrative that getting vaccinated was a form of civic duty, done in the interests of protecting others. Across the fence, those who believed that decisions whether or not to vaccinate is a basic human right.

We are still living in the midst of the disruption this caused, throughout the school, and the community. The narrative of vaccination being a necessary step to protect others has since been exposed as being a complete illusion, it now being clear that there was little or no difference in rates of transmission between vaccinated or unvaccinated.

None of this was being reported in the local MSM. In fact it became clear that any reports that threatened the prevailing narrative would immediately be dismissed as ‘conspiracy theories.'

During the course of continuing personal treatment to address my own health and response to my cancer, I took part in a series of IV infusions at a treatment centre in Auckland. While there, I met a young man (mid 30s), an accupuncturist, who had suffered from Mycarditis soon after receiving his second vaccine shot. He suffered irreversible heart damage, had lost his business, and was in the process of attempting to seek compensation via ACC.

Basic human rights are non-negotiable. This includes the right of every citizen to make their own decisions around health and medical intervention.

As the pandemic developed, it became very clear that initial concerns around the threat of Covid were hugely exaggerated. It became clear there was very little threat or danger presented to whole sectors of society that were being actively encouraged, and in many case forced to be vaccinated, especially children and teenagers whose level of risk from Covid was minimal.

The dangers of the vaccine, the impact of the radical new mRNA medical technology that has barely been tested, are starting to be revealed, in reports of high numbers of excess deaths, and a rise in disturbing medical events that are likely to be linked to vaccination. Heart conditions. Premature, sudden deaths from mycarditis or related conditions.

There are easily accessible accounts coming from doctors and research scientists speaking out against prevailing narratives to point out these alarming trends, and explaining how the mRNA vaccine behaves, in a way which is leading to an escalation of serious health issues.

It was of great concern that in this country, a unified front was formed comprising the government, MSM media and the Medical Council, ensuring that there was one, singular, immutable narrative established and enforced – with significant consequences for anyone refusing to follow this narrative.

I am immensely grateful for the organisation that was formed by courageous individuals in the face of this, eg Voices for Freedom, and the NZDSOS who refused to tow the government line, and became an invaluable resource – and an infinitely more reliable source of information than that being provided by the government, and echoed verbatim through the MSM and a cast of particular spokespeople.

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