Karen (60), Self Employed Water Chemist. Taranaki, NZ.

As soon as I saw the massive advertising campaign for getting a COVID vaccination I new the government had seriously lost the plot. All logic and common sense was gone & replaced with a government scare mongering programme that created fear and madness within the community. People were told they would lose their job if they wouldn't take the jab & they did. (Doctors who wouldn't agree to jab people lost their medical qualifications) I was ostracized from the community & not allowed to go to the pubs or restaurants (eg. I didn't take the jab) and those businesses that disagreed and would allow unvaccinated people onto their premises were fined (Total bloody madness). Hey, who ever lost a job due to health status and what happened to my body my choice. I was told I had to have the vaccination otherwise I would die from the bug that would infiltrate the country at some point. I got the bug and what do you know I am still alive to go to work and earn money to pay tax's to pay for this ridiculous pandemic vaccination program. I ended up losing a friend who was adamant the government was on the right track in protecting the Nation. The government divided the nation and there treatment of the protestors in Wellington was beyond belief. At that point I decided to do my own research and found a Canadian virologist who was adamant that the vaccination should not be given to young men, pregnant women & those women of child bearing age as the risk was too great. (Our government must have been brain dead or maybe the agenda to vaccinate was more sinister????) I ended up losing all trust in the Media, the government & the health system. Money was being handed out to Maori's so they could buy takeways or laptops just to have a jab.

1 – Determine the immediate threat to the country by fulling understanding the nature of the bug that is coming? e.g who does it target, how is it communicated, what is the death rate – carry out risk assessments that the government makes all other businesses use and determine the actual threat not some trumped up crap. From the risk assessment come up with an action plan and implement that action plan by first informing the public of why you have decided to do these things. Involve people who understand the threat & who can offer solutions e.g. virologists & other educated overseas people if necessary.

2 – Don't sack people due to their choice not to be vaccinated or force the unvaccinated not to be able to go out.

3 – Don't close businesses down, or schools or lock people down into bubbles – let people make their own choices as to wearing masks, or locking down or having vaccinations.

Please don't give people anymore vaccinations, it makes them sicker, it doesn't work, the country can't afford it and we really don't know what will happen to people in years to come who have had it. Do allow people to have access to things like ivermectin and other remedies that were proven to help overseas.

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