Joyce, (Now) Retired Legal Secretary. Wellington, NZ.

When the corrupt, ruthless Labour government brought in the vaccine mandates I became a second-class citizen. I lost my job, I lost my friends, even my family distanced themselves from me. I was unable to go to cafes, libraries, hairdressers etc etc.

I was shunned by friends of many decades – sadly they believed the propaganda of the Labour regime and they were too scared to see me as they considered I was going to make them sick and put the health of them and their families at risk! It was heart-breaking to be treated like this. And even worse, that these so-called educated “friends” believed in this nonsense. I was very distressed, saddened and upset by the shabby, shameful treatment of these “friends”. Even to this day they will not have anything to do with me. I felt alone and isolated.

I lost my job. My source of income (to assist with subsidising my pension) so that I could live. I enjoyed my job of many years. But even highly intelligent professional people in the legal field believed what the Labour regime were saying. So many people all brain-washed by the propaganda. So many still, even to this day, believe in the greatest scam ever perpetrated by big pharma and our corrupt government of that time.

My adult daughter has been vaccine-injured. Two years now, she is still in very poor health with ongoing medical treatments, specialist's appointments, her health has been severely impacted. A majority of my extended family (sister, brother, nieces, nephew) – all have developed health issues since being jabbed with this experimental mRNA gene therapy treatment. Two siblings had heart attacks within days of being “jabbed”. One brother has since died and my sister lives with cardiomyopathy.

I was so lucky to have found, via Voices for Freedom, other like-minded people who did not buy into the propaganda. They have been my life-line. And, to this day the friendships formed are ongoing and wonderful. There are thousands of us “freedom fighters” here in New Zealand still fighting for the truth to come out. Fighting for a truly independent inquiry so that the truth of the fraud of these experimental treatments will be exposed and acknowledged. We fight for truth and for the corrupt people in power at the time to be brought to justice for the harm they have caused and continue to cause by not stopping these terrible experimental injectables.

I am so grateful to be given this opportunity to be heard. I pray that our current government and medical people wake up and will one day be brave enough to speak the truth – or are they too corrupted by big pharma to speak the truth? Time will tell.

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