John (82), School Caretaker. Manawatu-Whanganui, NZ.

We were isolated from family. Many members of our family and friends were coerced into receiving the injection or to loose their jobs and would be unable to pay their mortgages.

When we went to go shopping we were often harassed about not wearing a mask.

The wearing of masks do not work and cause the re-breathing of ones outward breath which is dangerous. Especially at a time when clean fresh air is needed at all times to maintain health.

When the mandates were lifted, we were still unable to visit family and friends because we refused to wear a mask. We were treated like lepers.

“People should NOT be told to wear masks because masks don't stop transmission of a respiratory virus”.

People should be encouraged to live more healthfully so they will be naturally protected from respiratory disease.

Not once during the so-called pandemic, did the Labour Government encourage people to live more healthfully to maximise natural immunity, which is more powerful than any injected vaccines that cause harm.

“Commissioners Blakely and Whitehead should be removed and replaced with three new suitable Commissioners, who have the power to compel key decision makers to appear and answer questions under oath, with all evidence given in public and live-streamed.”

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