Jane (72), Retired. Canterbury, NZ.

I have never had a flu jab, it is against my principles. I was not worried about the flu pandemic believing my immune system would protect me and that I would always have a choice as to the medication I would use if I decided I needed it. I was thunder struck when the jab mandates were announced and people were being strongly coerced into getting the jab. I knew it was wrong to force people. I got a mask exemption but that didn't always mean I could buy groceries without wearing one as the exemption wasn't always recognised. I believed social distancing to be another bad idea. My best friends nephew died in hospital of cancer with only his sister by his side because of the mandates, how very cruel. We tried to buy Ivermectin and other products that were being used to great effect internationally but were told it was suddenly forbidden to use and that the NZ govt had sold our supplies off shore. Friends who tried to import Ivermectin had it confiscated at the border by NZ Customs. The government was wielding much more power than it was entitled to. We protested in the streets but any mainstream news either downplayed it or didn't bother reporting it at all. No one would listen and still our voices are not heard on mainstream news in our country. None of my immediate family were jabbed thank god. Many friends of my family who were, are sick from the jabs or have died because of them. My daughter took her kids out of school because they feared they would be force jabbed without their permission. We heard vans were travelling around suburbs taking the unjabbed to get their shots. We were ready for them if they came to our place. We felt under siege. We attended the protest in Wellington. I was in the lineup of people with our backs to the police in peaceful protest when we were pushed forward and some were dragged back and beaten. My husband, also 72, was pepper sprayed and knocked to the ground just because he was there, we only went to support talks.

Trying to see a doctor because almost impossible. Not because I had Kovid but because I had an abscess in my jaw. I was left in the carpark, treated like a leper, misdiagnosed because the doctors seemed to be too scared or distracted to do their jobs properly.

I no longer trust the government, the single source of truth will do us harm if and when they do choose and we are powerless to stop them. I no longer trust our health service who in the majority lost their ability to think critically and blindly followed orders. We were no better than inmates of a concentration camp. Covid never harmed any of us, me my husband, our two daughters, their husbands and children. None of us was jabbed. The government harmed us all. Never again! It must never happen again ever!!!

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