Jacqueline (61), Resident Wellness Co-Ordinator. Northland, NZ.

When the pandemic was first announced I reacted like most and went into protection mode, masks, gloves, and fear. I watched the news attentively as most did, we had the TV going on at work so we could keep up with all the latest information coming through. I was working as the Human Resource Manager in a Residential Aged Care home overseeing 110 staff.

At the hype of the pandemic came the vaccine and the lockdowns. I immediately asked how a vaccine was made so quickly and started to do some research which opened a can of worms. Information I would find on social media, was telling my instinct that something was not right about what we as New Zealanders were being told, so I held back from getting vaccinated.

The lockdowns at first did not affect me as I was considered an essential worker, and I was lucky to be able to continue to work at that time. What did anger me was Hone Harawira playing God and setting up his own boarder in the Far North using his heavy-handed mates to prevent people coming and going without any authority and no one in authority stopped him.

The more I read, and the more research I did, the more I did not believe the New Zealand government and the PM of which I cannot even write her name. I decided I would not be getting any experimental vaccine.

Working in the Aged Care environment had its own challenges, lucky we had a level-headed CEO and although I wore a mask as per the protocol although after much research, I knew they had no real safety effect from catching Covid and in fact they were more harmful to your own health.

My colleagues and staff at work all started to line up and get their vaccinations, it was then I started to become unwell which was around May 2021 and strangely enough so were a few staff. Their symptoms were vertigo, and heart issues which landed them going to the doctors and hospital, I was privy to this information as the HR Manager. My symptoms were very similar until one day I just about collapsed and was taken to the doctors. I was diagnosed after a few weeks of going back and forth with an acute case of vestibular neuronitis, which once the Pfizer document came out regarding adverse effect, vestibular neuronitis was on the list I had been affected by shedding.

I was off work for 6 weeks, and on and off work for 2 weeks until I felt well enough to continue my work. However, then the heat was ramping up to get vaccinated and exemptions were brutally squashed overnight.

I met up with an old friend that had lost her job of 27 years as a care worker, because after her first jab she was almost paralysed, she got no help or understanding from any doctor. By then I was well researched and got her in touch with NZDSOS. I also helped a work colleague that had an adverse reaction and was off work for weeks and was forced to have her second jab that spiralled her health conditions to this day she now only works as a casual worker due to her health.

It was my duty as HR Manager to send out letters to all staff reminding them that they had till 15th November to be fully vaccinated with the two shots or they would be terminated. I sat at my desk and cried that I had to do this to them as many did not want to take the jab, and I know I was receiving one of these letters myself.

I was the only person in my family that did not take the vaccine, so I became very frustrated as no one would listen to me about how it was experimental, there was so much information for people to question but the MSM where not putting anything out for the average person to question. I told my daughter that absolutely loved her job not to have the jab, as she suffered with health issues as it was, I pleaded with her at one stage, told her we could sell everything if she did not take it. She said she had to, and I sat in my car and sobbed so hard I thought my heart was going to explode. I gave my daughter all the information that I had researched of stuff she could take before she took the jab.

The one thing that stuck out the most for me about the vaccine campaign was the lengths that they went to, the bribes, the competition of monitory and food vouchers. This also brought a bitter taste in my mouth here in the Far North where they knew that low social economic people would lap up the chance to get a $200 food voucher to take a jab. Utterly disgusting are the only words without being rude.

The vaccine passport was the cream on the cake, advertising segregation of people that did not want to have an experimental substance placed in their body. I do not think I will ever forget the glee on the PMs face as she rolled off the well-rehearsed statement regarding segregation, it was then I knew we were dealing with pure evil.

My mother had her first shot of which I was unaware of as she was at the chemist, and they convinced her there. I was (WAS) very close to my mother, she was (WAS) my best friend and I told her everything I knew about the harmful affects of the jab. However, when the passport came out and she knew that she would not be able to go to Auckland to visit her other daughter and her great grandson she had the second jab. That left her with an arm she could barely use, and acute inflammation in her body. Yes, she was old, yes, she had medical conditions, but her pain was unbearable, and my mother had suffered plenty of pain in her life. She stayed with my sister for about 3 months, but my sister could not look after her, so we ended up putting her into the aged care home I had worked in, this was in March 2022. Nothing that the doctors gave her could help her with her pain. My mother died in May 2022 of pain, her heart did not give out, she was fully cognitive. Yes, I blame the jab and the pressure put on the elderly to have the jab. Nineteen elderly who got vaccinated died within months of each other in that elderly home.

The protest in Wellington was the highlight of the whole pandemic, driving through lined streets as part of the convoy seeing, not a few people as was reported by the infamous MSM but thousands of people of all ages cheering and coming together as support. I only spent a week at Parliament, not at the grounds as I went with my jab injured friend who was unable to stay in a tent and we were lucky to find a motel that was not discriminative. There I met the most beautiful, loving caring, fun, informative, non-judgemental community of people that I could only wish for NZ to be like. But as usual the MSM were working at their finest spilling out exaggerated reporting that we have come to know so well. The overall behaviour of those protestors compared to the officials in government (that we pay to work for us) was poles apart. I listened to the highly educated, qualified, doctors, professors, lawyers, and your ordinary person on the street telling, showing the facts that no MSM would even look at or convey to the people. I experienced the heart rendering moment when I walked passed the makeshift nursing tents with all the banners and plaques of those that had died suddenly or vax injured and what did the officials do, they played loud music, put water sprinklers on, used EMF on its own people and called us names and not one came out to speak. The government broke every law that is written and still they carry on.

I returned home from the protest, so I was not there on the day that the Police brutally started to assault the ordinary New Zealander, I sat watching live streams of the thuggery and brutality. I sat in shame that this is what New Zealand had come to. Police, not fighting to protect their people, but fighting their own people because they disagreed. It was very clear to all of us that there where people placed to cause trouble as they wore masks that protesters did not do. A shameful day as part of New Zealand's history.

I went on the benefit since I was mandated, and you had to use up every other cent before the $$ kicked in, so the 4 weeks termination pay and any annual leave (which I didn't have much left of as I used that due to being sick with Vestibular Neuronitis still) payment was gone and I struggled on a benefit wage, still paying my mortgage, rates etc. I had, before the pandemic brought a new car on finance of which I knew I would be unable to meet payments so that also had to be sold, I lost a lot of money. I was building my own home, and my house was under a notice to fix with the council, and I had no spare income, so I had to get my Kiwisaver money out under the hardship umbrella.

In summary these are the key points of my experience of the pandemic:

• Initial fear for myself and others of catching a deadly virus.

• The absolute shock, horror of finding out how many lies and bribes where being sold to get people to take that jab.

• The surrealism of the events that were unfolding before us.

• The name calling and separatism of the vax and non vaxxed and the introduction of the vax pass.

• The most fearful of all was knowing my daughter was having to take the jab to save her job.

• Knowing my mother would still be alive today if she had not taken that jab.

• The loss of a job I had for 7 years due to the mandates.

• Having feelings of anger and hatred, feelings so strong looking at a picture of the PM made me physically sick.

• Going down a rabbit hole that was so dark and so deep not knowing if I could get myself out or not knowing if I wanted to be on this earth anymore.

• Reading the bias information from MSM that were blatant lies, and information that I would read on social media not knowing what was true or false and if you spoke out your account was attacked or banned.

• On a positive, I met some great people and made great friendships with likeminded people. I can stand tall and be proud of my decision and talk freely of why I didn't get vaccinated.

• Last of all I hope, and I pray that those people who are responsible for the suffering that New Zealander went through with lock downs, jab injuries, deaths and mandates pay for their crimes against humanity.

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