Ingrid (60), Healthcare Support Worker. Taranaki, NZ.

I was mandated out of my job as a Support Worker after nearly 5 years with HealthcareNZ Community Care. During the last month of my time in the role, I used the template created by Voices For Freedom, to outline my reasons for not wanting the Gene-editing jab. The local Area Coordinator was cut out of communications to me, all emails were sent directly from the CEO about getting the jab, with increasing intensity, that my employment would be terminated. Three anonymous calls from HealthcareNZ were made to my husband asking whether I had taken the jab, he was taken aback at the abrupt tone of the male caller who didnt have the courage to say who he was. I was one of 700 Support workers who left or were mandated out by December 2021.

The feeling of rejection, and loss of a job I loved, with clients left bewildered and upset was so distressing. What was once a Health Rights centered service became a CEO/Board led machine that ran over everyone in its path.

I managed to find some casual seasonal farm work the following may 2022, my husband was still able to work throughout so we were ok financially. I found work as a Respite Support worker in May 2023 with a small local privately owned service. No pressure to take the jab, my manager and colleagues are amazing, others inmour team are also unjabbed.

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