Geoff (66), Engineer, Electronics. Canterbury, NZ.

My concerns with the Covid response are based on a previous experience. Following my then Wife, EA, a New Zealand registered nurse poisoning me causing me serious and obvious harm to my health. When I took my concerns and requests to the legal and medical authorities suddenly I have developed mental health problems I was offered misdiagnosis after misdiagnosis. Most unfortunately for our society an impossible to achieve state funded cover up was put in place.

Then along came covid. I was suspicious and already felt the pain a needle of unknown pharmaceuticals can cause the mind and body and how the authorities can dictate outcomes despite the evidence.

I did not accept the vaccine, I knew the risks where to high and I tried to warn others but the power of the fear was to great and within two weeks of my father telling me he felt like he was going to live to one hundred and then two weeks following receiving the vaccine he dropped dead, like many others.

I am not in a position to forgive the authorities for their atrocious behavior towards the citizens of New Zealand. It saddens me that I could not get my message out above the corruption. I am in a position to demand accountability.

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