Frank (58), Consultant. Auckland, NZ.

Covid vaccine and Mandates.

Just to put my previous health history in to context….I have always been fit and healthy…i live a healthy life, as they say “everything in moderation”. I visit my doctor at least once a year for what we call my annual warrant of fitness and have always left with a clean bill of health. I also visit when I'm unwell, usually due to a cold /flu for some antibiotics, but this is rare.

Due to my business, where I sometimes work at the airport to consult on fire protection requirements, I fell under the mandated requirement to be vaccinated. After my first shot, within 48 hours I was lying in bed and started having heart palpitations. So I lay there and focused on breathing evenly and trying to relax to slow it down, which took around 10 minutes.

I mentioned this to the person who gave me my 2nd shot, who told me I should have gone the hospital at the time, and that the 2nd shot could likely be worse, and if I reacted again, to go straight to the hospital.

I didn't report my reaction, because we were advised over the news, that only about 100 people in the country would be exempted on medical grounds, so there was no point, as the Ashley Bloomfield, Chris Hipkins and the health minister at the time, had already decided that basically everyone required to be vaccinated. The health system even advised my wife, who provided genuine medical advice from USA that she should have the Pfizer vaccine, to go the hospital and have it in case she had an adverse reaction. So no point in trying to not have my second shot, or have an alternative, to which there wasn't one, as the government was only using the Pfizer option.

Within 5days of the 2nd vaccine I started getting a uncomfortable pain on my abdomen, which has been diagnosed as heart burn/ indigestion. Though my entire life I have never experienced this. Now I suffer from it all the time. I take Gaviscon/ Quickeaze and Omeprazole to combat it.

I took the virus seriously, as my friend P lost both his brothers to Covid from the case traced back to Carbine Road, and P was hospitalised for several weeks from it, and was lucky to survive himself. I was also sceptical of this new vaccine and the lack of trialling of it. I believe it was rushed into the market, understandably, to combat many peoples fears of Covid, though mandating it onto people and making those who did not have it, like my wife, second rate citizens who were not allowed to enter establishments, because of their unvaccinated status. This 2nd class of citizen was also openly advised and confirmed video by Jacinda Ardern, causing friends and family to turn on each other due to their vaccination status. This was disgusting and something our previous Prime Minister needs to own herself for creating. Every time I get an attack of heartburn, I think of her as the cause and the curse of it, along with other government and health officials mentioned above. I believe all of them should face prosecution for forcing people to have an untried and untested vaccine on them for them to be able to keep their employment, and not hide the number of vaccine injuries and deaths that they currently are. They were very happy to say hundreds of people did “of” Covid, when they didn't, they may have died “with” Covid. So, the same consistency should be given to vaccine injuries or deaths, that the health system can't, and definitely doesn't want to, state that these injuries and deaths were cased by the vaccine. They claim this isn't proven, though far too many injuries and deaths have come about directly after people being given the vaccine, and no other underlying or specific incident has contributed to these effects.

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